delete button javascript – How to add and remove names on button click with JavaScript?

delete button javascript – JavaScript Code is given below, In this full source code we have used remove() method which removes or deletes the html element from the DOM. Removing an element is much easier, as it only requires the element’s ID.

delete button javascript

How to add and remove names on button click with JavaScript? – To create, use add() method, whereas to delete created and appended element, you can use remove().

using The remove() Method

function removeElement(elementId) {
	// Removes an element from the document.
	 var element = document. getElementById(elementId);
	 element. parentNode. removeChild(element);

The remove() method removes the element from the DOM.





Delete HTML Element using JavaScript

HTML Code is given below.

    Remove HTML Element using JavaScript

JavaScript Code

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Creating a delete button for your javascript application

To create a delete button in your JavaScript application, you can follow these general steps:

Create a button element in your HTML code with an id or class that you can reference in your JavaScript code. For example:

Add an event listener to the button in your JavaScript code, so that when it is clicked, a function is executed. For example:

const deleteButton = document.getElementById('deleteButton');

deleteButton.addEventListener('click', function() {
  // Call a function to handle the delete action

Inside the function that handles the delete action, you can write the logic to delete the item(s) that the button is associated with. This will depend on the specific requirements of your application.

Here is an example of a delete function that removes a specific HTML element when the button is clicked:

function deleteElement() {
  const element = document.getElementById('elementToDelete');

deleteButton.addEventListener('click', deleteElement);

In this example, the deleteElement function gets the HTML element with the id “elementToDelete” and removes it from the DOM using the removeChild method. The addEventListener method is used to add the deleteElement function as a click event listener to the deleteButton element.

Note that this is just a simple example and the specific implementation of the delete function will depend on the structure of your application and what you are trying to delete.

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