jquery ajaxform – AJAX form submit with jQuery

jquery ajaxform ajax() function is used for ajax call using jQuery. Syntax of jquery ajaxform $.ajax({name:value, name:value, … }).

jquery ajaxform – jQuery AJAX submit form Example

This is a simple example:

$("#contactFrm").submit(function(e) {


    var form = $(this);
    var actionUrl = form.attr('action');
        type: "POST",
        url: actionUrl,
        data: form.serialize(),
        success: function(data)

Method 1

$.get('ajax_data.php?' + $('#contactFrm').serialize())

$.post('ajax_data.php', $('#contactFrm').serialize())

Method 2 : With use of jQuery form plugin.

$("#contactFrm").ajaxForm({url: 'ajax_data.php', type: 'post'})

Send immediately:

$("#contactFrm").ajaxSubmit({url: 'ajax_data.php', type: 'post'})

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