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jQuery Fundamentals Tutorial with Examples

jQuery Fundamentals Tutorial with Examples

Today, We want to share with you jQuery Fundamentals Tutorial with Examples.
In this post we will show you Introduction To jQuery Tutorial with Examples, hear for Jquery tutorial for beginners with examples we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about jQuery Tutorial for Beginners – Step By Step with an example.

Introduction: What is Jquery

In this post, we will learn about What is Jquery with its description,benefits and uses.

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In my previous posts I have explained various topics like C#.Net OOPS Concepts, Features & Explanation, ASP.NET WEBFORM, ASP.NET Core MVC.

Now in this post, I will explain about What is Jquery. jQuery is a small,fast, cross-platform and feature-rich JavaScript library.It is designed with purpose of simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.

The major purpose of using jQuery is to provide an easy and efficient way to use JavaScript on your website to make it more interactive and attractive. It is also used to add animation. It is also very useful for doing a lot of the complex things from JavaScript, like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation.

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jQuery 15 Powerful Tips and Tricks for Developers and Web Designer

jQuery Features

  • DOM element selection
  • HTML event methods
  • Utilities
  • HTML manipulation
  • DOM manipulation
  • CSS manipulation
  • Effects and Animations
  • AJAX
  • JSON Parsing
  • Extensibility through plug-ins

Advantage of jQuery

  • Jquery is very fast,modular and extensible.
  • It enable the users to write UI related function codes in minimum possible lines of code.
  • It improves the performance of an application.
  • Browser’s compatible web applications can be developed.
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Read :


You can also read about AngularJS, ASP.NET, VueJs, PHP.

I hope you get an idea about Introduction of jQuery.
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