kanakadhara stotram by Adi Sankara – Origin, Lyrics 108 times and Meaning

kanakadhara stotram is the easiest way to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. It is a hymn.

kanakadhara stotram : Meaning, Advance Benefits and Power

In this post we will learn to speak it well; Because only when we are able to speak it,

we will be able to recite it and only then the grace of Mother Lakshmi will be on us. But before that it is necessary to know something about it. Come, let’s get to know him.

Kanakadhara Stotra was composed by Shrimad Shankaracharya. It is said that due to its influence, he had made rain of gold coins.


It is also possible; Because at the age of 32 (from 788 to 820 AD) writing commentaries on many Upanishads like Brahmasutra and Gita, composing many hymns, composing texts like Vivek Chudamani, establishing many Shaktipeeths, no ordinary soul can do.

Well, Adi Shankaracharya has not mentioned any law and order in the context of Kanakadhara Stotra. Even reciting it once is enough.

If there is time and convenience, then chanting rituals can also be done according to one’s ability at a fixed time, in a fixed number of times.

The original verse in Sugam Gyan Sangam’s Adhyatma + Stotra collection column has been taken from the book Stotra Ratnavali published from GitaPress Gorakhpur.

In which there are total 18 verses.

Kanakadhara Stotras are available in the form of videos on YouTube channel and in the form of articles on many websites.

In which equality is found up to 12 verses, after that there are 18 verses and then there are 21 verses.

This is because the following 3 verses

Kanakdhara Stotra Original Text

नमोऽस्तु हेमाम्बुजपीठिकायै
नमोऽस्तु भूमण्डलनायिकायै।
नमोऽस्तु देवादिदयापरायै
नमोऽस्तु शार्ङ्गायुधवल्लभायै।।१३।।

नमोऽस्तु देव्यै भृगुनन्दनायै
नमोऽस्तु विष्णोरुरसि स्थितायै।
नमोऽस्तु लक्ष्म्यै कमलालयायै
नमोऽस्तु दामोदरवल्लभायै।।१४।।

नमोऽस्तु कान्त्यै कमलेक्षणायै
नमोऽस्तु भूत्यै भुवनप्रसूत्यै।
नमोऽस्तु देवादिभिरर्चितायै
नमोऽस्तु नन्दात्मजवल्लभायै।।१५।।

They have been briefly included in this stotra, which are not in the original stotra.

That’s why you will not find these three mantras in the original stotra in this post;

Because our aim is to provide correct and authentic information to the society by modifying any subject matter.

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pay attention –

The mantras shown in blue for the audience to read are not mere dissections of words; Because there is a possibility of a change in the original pronunciation due to the dissolution of the word.

Therefore, according to the ease of reading and pronunciation of the audience, the words of the shloka are shown only in small form.

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what is kanakadhara stotram?

Kanakadhara Stotram is a hymn. The Kanakadhara Stotra is a powerful Sanskrit hymn dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi.

Who sang Kanakadhara?

Singer Usha : Devotional Song By Singer Usha Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06RnGo0BdTA

Who was the author of Kanakadhara stotra?

Adi Sankara – (composed in Sanskrit)

kanakadhara stotram

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KANAKADHARA STOTRAM (IN SANSKRIT) !! श्री लक्ष्मी जी का शक्तिशाली स्तुति

Kanakadhara Stotram Telugu Lyrics – Raghava Reddy | శ్రావణ శుక్రవారం వినాల్సిన పాటలు

।।इति श्रीमच्छङ्कराचार्यविरचितं कनकधारास्तोत्रं सम्पूर्णम्।।

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