Laravel middleware Multiple Roles and Parameters Example

Today, We want to share with you Laravel middleware Multiple Roles and Parameters Example.In this post we will show you Multiple middleware on routing group, hear for php – Laravel middleware with multiple roles we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Middleware parameters – comma separated with an example.

Laravel middleware Multiple Roles and Parameters Example

There are the Following The simple About Laravel middleware Multiple Roles and Parameters Example Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop laravel middleware multiple roles pass, so the some laravel middleware parameters array/laravel auth middleware redirect for this example is following below.

  • Define Middleware in Kernel
  • Laravel Middleware
  • Define Laravel Routes with middleware
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Step 1: Define Middleware in Kernel


protected $routeMiddleware = [
    'role' => \App\Http\Middleware\Role::class,

Step 2: Laravel Middleware


//php - Laravel middleware with multiple roles

namespace App\Http\Middleware;

use Closure;
use Auth;// on The top

public function handle($request, Closure $next, ... $roles)
    if (!Auth::check()) // I Added this check so We have it, Therefor it really need be part of your create a realtime laravel authentication 'auth' middleware in laravel, most simply included as part of a laravel web file to call route group.
        return redirect('login');

    $user = Auth::user();

        return $next($request);

    foreach($roles as $role) {
        // here conditions Check if real time user has the role This check will your depend on how your roles (perfect true) are set up
            return $next($request);

    return redirect('login');

Step 3: Define Laravel Routes with middleware


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Finally in your Laravel web.php in routes

Route::get('admin/memberen/overzicht', '[email protected]')->middleware('role:teacher,student');
Route::get('admin/memberen/{id}/bewerken', '[email protected]')->middleware('role:admin');

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