why google showing wrong marathi name of tuna fish?

A Google search for ‘The Marathi name of tuna fish’ is in controversy as people are searching it after the recommendation of the meme. But, Google is showing wrong answer to that question. Why is Google showing this kind of answer? Let’s know in the article

marathi name of tuna fish
marathi name of tuna fish

What is the Marathi name of tuna fish?

The real Marathi name of tuna fish is Kupa Masa. Kupa Masa is the word used by Marathi to call tuna fish. But, Google started showing wrong answers.

Google responded to this featured snippet from a forum website called ‘Whatiscalled’. Someone asked a question on this forum, “What is tuna fish called in Marathi?” Some people gave the correct answer as ‘Kupa Masa’.

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Some others used abusive language instead of answering the questionnaire. One user called it “Puch Lavde to Machi by getting into the water”. The Google bot took this as an answer and showed the featured snippet as ‘Machi ko pooch lavade in water’ as an answer to ‘What is a tuna fish called in Marathi question?’.

It’s a mistake from Google’s algorithm to show the wrong answer instead of the right one. This happens in rare cases. But, people are enjoying it by becoming a meme.

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