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Become a Meesho Seller | Eligibility | Registration | Charges & Complete information on how to become a Meesho supplier?

Are you also looking to become a Meesho supplier? If yes, then today’s article can prove to be very beneficial for you. In this article, you will get the complete process of becoming a Meesho Supplier, as well as why becoming a Meesho supplier is better than becoming a supplier on other e-commerce platforms.

There are many big E-Commerce platforms available, but on all those platforms, a commission of 5% to 20% is taken from the supplier or seller, while talking about Mishno, earlier Mishno used to take commission from 1.1% to 1.8%, but at the moment In Misho does not take any kind of commission, on 0% commission you can easily sell your product or goods and make a good profit.

Along with Meesho E-Commerce Platform, there is also a Reselling Platform. Many resellers are engaged in selling Meesho’s goods every day, so today Meesho has more than 70 million customers, so let us now know how You can become a Meesho Supplier or Seller and why you should sell goods on Meesho.

Meesho Supplier Panel Registration – Overview

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5 Unique Reasons Why To Sell Your Products On Meesho

Meesho is similar to other big e-commerce platforms, but in this you get a special feature of Reselling, due to this feature, today Meesho has more than one crore resellers, who are engaged in selling the listed products quickly, along with Meesho complete Delivers to about 24 thousand pin codes of India, so it easily delivers your product to every city in India.

Meesho is also India’s No.1 Reselling Company and E-Commerce Platform, as well as more than 700 categories are available for selling products and many options like Easy Delivery, Lowest Commission rate are available which are more than any other E-Commerce Platform. is

Ease of doing bussines, so easy product listing, secure and timely payment, growth of small and big branded and non-branded all in one way are also included in Meesho features.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Become Meesho Supplier

  • Phone Number – You must have a phone number so that you can keep in touch with Meesho, this phone number has to be verified through OTP or call to become a supplier.
  • Business Email – Make sure to create a separate email of your business so that you can use it everywhere to give a better impression of your business.
  • GST Identification Number – You must have GST to become a Meesho Supplier, as well as GST is required to start any business in India.
  • Bank Account – It is not necessary that the bank account should be a current account, you can also use a savings account, as the business grows over time, you can convert it into a current account.

Learn How to Register / Create your account on Meesho

It is very easy to become a Seller in Meesho, you only have to prepare the documents or things according to the information mentioned above, after which step by step you have to follow this process mentioned below in your mobile or computer.

  1. At the beginning of becoming a Meesho supplier, first of all you have to go to Meesho’s link or you can also go to this link by searching Meesho supplier.
  2. After visiting this link, you will get the option of “Start Selling”, on which you have to click.
  3. On the “Welcome to Meesho” page, you have to enter your mobile number and verify the mobile number by entering the OTP from the “Send OTP” option, as well as create a password by entering the email ID and clicking on the checkbox below WhatsApp Create Account has to be created by doing account.
  4. On the next page, you have to enter your GST Identification Number and click on verify, so that your details will be shown to you, after which you have to click on Continue.
  5. Now you have to enter the location in the “Pick up” location from where Meesho will send your product for supply, for this you have to give your GST address by clicking on Uses Address registered in GST option in the Pick up location or you can click on Building below Address can also be given by filling Locality, Landmark, Pin code, City and State.
  6. Now in the option with bank details, you have to enter your bank account and IFSC number of that bank and continue.
  7. Now in the Supplier Detail option, below the name of the business, put your full name and submit it by checking the I Agree box.
  8. The message of Congratulations and Start Selling Now will come so that you have now become a Meesho Supplier and can start adding products from this Supplier Panel.

To open your supplier account again, you will have to use the email and password, so remember it.

Meesho Supplier Panel

After complete registration for Meesho supplier, you are given a Meesho Supplier Panel, so that you can upload products and check their status, in the panel you get to see these types of options-

  1. Catalog upload – In this option you have to upload the photo of the product and its information.
  2. Notice Board – In this option you get to see new updates and notices of Meesho.
  3. Payments – In this option, you get to see all the payment options like Pending payment, last payment, next payment.
  4. Orders – Here you get to see the status of the orders.
  5. inventory – In this option you get the option to update the stock of the old uploaded product.
  6. Return/RTO Order – Here you get to see the status of the Return product.

Meesho Login – Shopping All Products

In this supplier meesho, I have listed the Meesho online shopping all products;

  • Bags and footwear,
  • Electronic appliances,
  • Home décor,
  • Jewelry,
  • Kitchen Appliances,
  • Wellness and skincare products,
  • Women, kids, and men Apparel,
  • meesho online shopping kitchen.

Charges for Meesho Supplier

Meesho can be considered to be the best supplier friendly in present time where other big platforms take 5% to 20% commission for selling products, compared to them Meesho gives you 0% commission to sell, yet there are some other taxes that Meesho supplier have to give.

Settlement Amount – This is the amount that is credited to your account after 15 days of product delivery.
Product Price – This is the price that you give while listing your product on Meesho (You also have to enter MRP while entering the price)
0% Commission Fees – From listing to delivery of the product, Meesho does not take any kind of commission from you, TCS and TDS are given to you after deducting the product you had listed.
GST – This GST is applied on top of “Commission Fee” because Meesho takes 0% commission from you, so your GST amount will also be 0.
TCS – Tax Collected at Source – 1% of Taxable value.
TDS – Tax Deduction at Source – 1% of Growth Value.

In simple language, if you list a product for 150 ₹ on Meesho, then Meesho adds Shipping Charges (Shipping charge means 80 ₹) to that product and shows it for 230 ₹ in Meesho App, if someone buys that product now. So GST on Meesho’s commission is deducted from your 150 ₹, because Meesho’s commission is 0%, then no GST is deducted from your 150 ₹, as well as TCS 1% = 1.88 ₹ and TDS 1% = 2.3 ₹ Similarly, after deducting these Charges from your 150 ₹, 145.82 ₹ are deposited in your bank account on the sale of that product.

If there is any defect in your product and the buyer returns it, then you have to pay double the shipping charge.

Top Benefits Of Selling On Meesho

Meesho supplier registration You can easily become a Meesho supplier through a bank account, phone number and GST.

  • Commission – Where other big e-commerce takes commission from 5% to 20%, Meesho takes 0% commission which is fantastic, earlier Meesho used to take 1.1% to 1.8% commission but currently Meesho 0% commission But sells the products of the seller.
  • Extra Charges – Mostly on all e-commerce you get to see Extra or Additional charges, while Meesho does not impose any kind of Extra Charge and does not hide any charge.
  • Shipping charges – No shipping charge is levied on your product, the shipping charge is taken from the buyer by adding it to the price of the product.
  • Secure and timely payment – Meesho takes special care of its supplier, so it deposits the money of that product into the supplier’s account only 15 days after the delivery of each product.
  • Penalty and RTO Return – If for some reason the buyer cancels the product before the product is delivered, then it does not harm the supplier, but if the product is returned due to defect, the shipping charge is charged from the supplier, which is It happens very rarely.

conclusion – Meesho supplier panel

I hope you have liked this article related to becoming a meesho seller account, according to me meesho can be a better option to take your offline business online.

Many people are earning a good income from this today, you also start and move forward.

I hope you have liked the information written by me about creating a meesho seller account & meesho supplier panel, it is always my endeavor to give better information on the topic of earning money online in the era of new technology, related to this article If you have any question or there is any kind of mistake in this article, then definitely tell in the comment.

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