nodejs Installation Steps on windows

nodejs Installation Steps on windows

Today, We want to share with you nodejs Installation Steps on windows.In this post we will show you Installing Node.js Tutorial: Windows, hear for How to Install Node.Js on Windows we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Installing Node.js® and NPM on Windows with an example.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a one type of platform built on Chrome’s(Browser’s) JavaScript runtime for most easily buildipakainfo easy and fast and scalable network app’s.
Node.js uses the most way to an event-driven programs, non-blockipakainfo I/O model and that makes it lightweight data and efficient data, and perfect data for data-intensive apps and real-time app’s that run across distributed devices. Node.js used mostly Sipakainfole Page Applications(spa’s) and JSON APIs created Applications.

Node.js Means = Runtime Environment + JavaScript Library = Node.js

List of Node.js Features

Node.js is Asynchronous and Event Driven.
and It’s very Fast other javascript. and It’s Sipakainfole Threaded but Highly Scalable. and node.js is never/No Bufferipakainfo data.It’s Include License .

Installation Overview :Local Environment Setup

  • Text Editor(Like Notepad.)
  • OS Edit command
  • Linux or UNIX.

Installation Steps

Step : 1 simple easy to Download the Windows OS installer from (JavaScript Frameworks)the Nodes.js® web site or click this button here.

Node.js – Download

Step : 2 and Now the Run the installer this file (the .msi file you simple easy way to downloaded in the previous step.)

Step : 3 Now,Follow the cmd prompts in the installer and check (Accept all the license agreement and terms and conditions, and check the click the NEXT button and a bunch of all times and select accept the default installation settipakainfos default settipakainfos).

Step : 4 Now Last step is the Restart your computer or shut down your computer. You won’t be able to here run Node.js® frameworks until you restart your computer and test is this command.

Node.js : Test it!

node -v
npm - v

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