Introduces AI Essay Generator: Ultimate Writing Tool for High-Quality Papers

PaperTyper, a well-known essay writing service, is excited to introduce its updated AI essay writer. This AI generator helps students effortlessly generate high-quality, well-written essays and research papers on complex topics.

The platform combines the features of several tools: an essay generator, a grammar checker, a plagiarism checker, and a citation generator. With its key tool, students (particularly those whose first language isn’t English) can save time on research and academic writing.

Juli Sheller, creator of the platform, says, “This website can be a game-changer for students and even researchers. With its speed and precision, users can effortlessly generate high-quality essay samples, overcoming writer’s block and eliminating the need for tedious research.”

The main tool has been specifically trained on academic literature, covering different areas of study and field-specific topics. It acts like a personal essay writer, generating essay samples, improving sentences, and ensuring your writing is original.

AI-Powered Features for Academic Essays

Unlike basic writing tools, this service focuses on the common pain points of students in their writing, including research, editing, citation styles, and plagiarism. The AI writer website, continuously improved by its expert team, offers both free AI help and paid custom writing services:

AI Essay Generator helps you write essays on a variety of topics quickly and easily. Using advanced algorithms, it generates well-structured essays and research papers with minimal instructions, saving you time and effort.

AI Essay Generator

Grammar Checker detects mistakes in your writing. Whether it’s grammar, spelling, or punctuation, this multilingual checker won’t miss a thing. It’s simple to use, too – just find the tool on the main page of the site, paste your text, click the button, and let the tool check your essay and fix any mistakes.

Grammar Checker

Plagiarism Checker helps students avoid accidentally copying someone else’s work. It compares your writing to other texts to see if there are any similarities. If it finds anything, it shows you where they are so you can fix them.

Plagiarism Checker

Citation Generator makes citations for you in different styles, whether they’re common ones like APA and MLA or less common ones like Harvard, Chicago/Turabian, IEEE, and more. Whether you’re writing an essay or a research paper, this tool will take care of the hard work and make sure your sources are listed correctly.

Citation Generator

Knowledge Bank offers lots of helpful information and resources to support your writing and research. It has tips, pictures, and videos to help you understand paper styles, grammar rules, and citation formats. The information there is trustworthy because the database is regularly updated.

Knowledge Bank

Aside from using these free tools, students can also order affordable professional writing services from a real writer. Their team specializes in many academic levels and areas of study.

How To Write an Essay with the AI Essay Writer?

PaperTyper offers a distraction-free space for essay writing. It’s completely ad-free and has a Fullscreen mode for better concentration. Students can get right to work on their essays without any unnecessary interruptions.

The basic AI Essay Generator is perfect for students who need help with simple essays. You can find this tool right on the website’s main page. Just paste your topic, and the tool will create a well-organized essay for you.

To use the pro version, you can either access it from the sample page or log into your account. Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Once you’ve opened the tool, you’ll find a user-friendly interface where you can begin entering your request. The tool suggests starting with a few templates, including an essay, outline, blog post, creative story, etc. You can also choose how many words will be generated with each try.
  2. AI paper writer will generate an essay based on the provided topic, incorporating relevant information. The tool has a wide range of formatting options and a built-in editor, allowing you to customize your essay right away. You can even ask the AI to regenerate certain parts of the text if you don’t like them.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the essay, you can save or download the completed document in your preferred format, ready for submission or further customization.

‘This tool is known for its affordability, offering cost-effective solutions for students, professionals, and academics alike,’ shares a representative. ’Users can enjoy the basic version for free or upstage to Premium for just $5 and generate 10,000 words/month!’

Taking Essay Writing to New Heights

Today, the website has over 30,000 users per month who keep coming back to improve their essays and writing skills. The website’s reputation and popularity keep growing. The tools stand out from the competition because they’re both versatile and accurate.

The best part is that the website keeps your privacy in mind. No one will know you used online writing tools for your essay, and your personal info stays confidential. Third parties can’t get access to the site’s info.

You can use the tools as much as you want to check your essay. Spending a few minutes on the site helps you write, check, and edit your essay quickly, making it a smart way to save time and get good grades.


PaperTyper’s team will continue to improve its services and AI-powered tools for students. Boost your creativity and productivity with its essay generator and other free tools, and say goodbye to your writing problems.

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