parts of a url – What is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator)?

Different Parts of a URL for The protocol, The domain name, The subdomain, Port, Path, Query, Parameters and Fragment.

parts of a url

parts of a url – URL (Uniform Resource Locator) – Explain Different Parts of The URL With Example. Let’s break down this URL structure below. A URL consists of five parts: the scheme, subdomain, top-level domain, second-level domain, and subdirectory.

The Parts of a URL OR The components of a URL

URL Structure – URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator



Domain Name OR Second-level Domain

Top-level Domain

Port Number :

Path :

Query String Separator :

Query String :

Fragment :



Components of a URL

FAQs: Parts of the URL

What are the 3 basic parts of the URL?

  • Protocol (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • The Domain Name
  • Port

What are the main components of a URL?

  • The protocol
  • The domain name
  • Port

What is called in URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator

Depends on how deep you want to go :

Example URL:

breaks down into;

  1. Scheme(https:// (also known as “protocol”))
  2. Domain (
  3. Subdomain (www)
  4. DomainName (
  5. TLD (.co (top level domain))
  6. SLD (.org (second level domain))
  7. Port (:80)
  8. Path (/blog/welcome.html)
  9. Directory Path (/blog/)
  10. File Path (welcome.html)
  11. File Name (welcome)
  12. File Extension (.html)
  13. Query (?api=2022&members=admin)
  14. Parameter and Value Pair (api=2022)
  15. Parameter and Value Pair seperator (&)
  16. Fragment (#here)

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