3 Ways of Get base url in javascript – Get Absolute Path, Document Root, Base URL

get base url in javascript : We run time into a some difficult face issue while developing a fresh new website where We needed to get a specific some part of URL. Think of a URL, http://your-domain-name/dev/index.html. We want to extract both the base URL and the root URL which are,


in my case.

If We relocate the online website in the future, my simple script will continue to work. For Example, if We move into more deeper folder like as a,


my simple Js script will provide our the correct folder names without any error, meaning that the script will dynamically calculate the depth of the folder structure as well as provide our correct URL. In this case, it will provide our


as root and base URL respectively.

here you can Get WebSite Root Relative Path by JavaScript Example.

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get base url in javascript

Q: How to get Base URL or Root URL using Javascript?
We found some best 5 solution as well as come up with main 2 function which will provide root URL as well as base URL. They are written below.

Example: find base url in javascript

var base_url = window.location.origin;

var host = window.location.host;

var pathArray = window.location.pathname.split( '/' );

For Root URL:

function getRootUrl() {
            document.getElementById('rootresult').innerHTML += 
                ? window.location.origin + '/'
                : window.location.protocol + '/' + window.location.host + '/';

For Base URL:

function getBaseUrl() {
            var baseUrl = new RegExp(/^.*\//);
            document.getElementById('display_your_url').innerHTML += baseUrl.exec(window.location.href);

javascript get base url

js get base url

var baseUrl = window.location.origin;

how to get base url in javascript?


how to get base url in jquery

jquery get base url

var findCurrentURL = $(location).attr('href'); 
var findCurrentURL = window.location.href;

get base url in jquery

you can get base url with jquery or javascript Example

var findCurrentURL = window.location;
var baseUrl = findCurrentURL .protocol + "//" + findCurrentURL.host + "/" + findCurrentURL.pathname.split('/')[1];

Get absolute path in javascript

location.pathname gives you the local part of the url.

var getproducts = location.pathname.match(/[^\/]+$/)[0]

For example, if you are on http://pakainfo/api/getproducts.html, it will give you getproducts.html

window.location object you will display bellow

host:       pakainfo.com
hostname:   pakainfo.com
href:       http://pakainfo.com/answer/982562052/find-base-path-in-jquery
pathname:   /answer/896565656/find-base-path-in-jquery
protocol:   http:

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How to Select the Document Root Element With JavaScript?

Using document.documentElement


Using document.querySelector()


get base url javascript

var base_url = window.location.origin;
// "http://pakainfo.com"

var host = window.location.host;
// pakainfo.com

var pathArray = window.location.pathname.split( '/' );
// ["", "questions", "21246818", "how-to-get-the-base-url-in-javascript"]

javascript get current base url

var url = window.location.origin;

javascript get base path


js get root url

function getRootUrl() {
	document.getElementById('rootresult').innerHTML += 
		? window.location.origin + '/'
		: window.location.protocol + '/' + window.location.host + '/';

javascript baseurl


javascript get root url

suppose that you have a page with this address: http://api.pakainfo.com/virtualPath/page.htm. use the following in page code to achive those results:

window.location.host : you'll get api.pakainfo.com:8080 or api.pakainfo.com:80
window.location.hostname : you'll get api.pakainfo.com
window.location.protocol : you'll get http:
window.location.port : you'll get 8080 or 80
window.location.pathname : you'll get /virtualPath
window.location.origin : you'll get http://api.pakainfo.com *****

how to get the base url in javascript

function base_url(segment){

   pathArray = window.location.pathname.split( '/' );

   indexOfSegment = pathArray.indexOf(segment);
   return window.location.origin + pathArray.slice(0,indexOfSegment).join('/') + '/';

window.location base url


html get base url


var getUrl = window.location;
var baseUrl = getUrl .protocol + "//" + getUrl.host + "/" + getUrl.pathname.split('/')[1];

javascript base path

function getPath() {
  var folder = (window.location.pathname.split('/')[0] || '').toLowerCase() == 'testsite' ? '/testsite' : '';
  return window.location.hostname + folder;

javascript get base url of current page

const a = document.createElement("a");
a.href = "http://www.pakainfo.com/article/2022/09/14/this-is-an-article/";
const baseUrl = `${a.protocol}//${a.hostname}`

how to get root url in javascript

var pathArray = "https://pakainfo.com".split( '/' );
var protocol = pathArray[0];
var host = pathArray[2];
var url = protocol + '//' + host;

javascript get base url from string

let one = "https://pakainfo.com?query=true&slash=false"
let two = "https://pakainfo.com#anchor=true&slash=false"
let three = "http://www.pakainfo.com/#anchor=true&slash=true&whatever=foo"

let urlOne = new URL(one)

let urlTwo = new URL(two)

let urlThree = new URL(three)

set base url in javascript

var base_url = window.location.origin;

var host = window.location.host;

var pathArray = window.location.pathname.split( '/' );
function getBaseUrl() {
            var re = new RegExp(/^.*\//);
            document.getElementById('baseresult').innerHTML += re.exec(window.location.href);

Base URL in JavaScript

// base url
function base_url() {
    var pathparts = location.pathname.split('/');
    if (location.host == 'localhost') {
        var url = location.origin+'/'+pathparts[1].trim('/')+'/';
        var url = location.origin;
    return url;

get base domain from url javascript

const url = "https://www.pakainfo.com/blog?search=hello&world";

let domain = (new URL(url));

domain = domain.hostname;
console.log(domain); //www.pakainfo.com

domain = domain.hostname.replace('www.','');
console.log(domain); //pakainfo.com

const pathname = domain.pathname; 
console.log(pathname); // blog

const protocol = domain.protocol; 
console.log(protocol); // https

const search = domain.search; 
console.log(search); // ?search=hello&world

javascript get current path

how to get current path in javascript?

console.log("[CURRENT PATH] : ", window.location.pathname);

javascript get current directory

var loc = window.location.pathname;
var dir = loc.substring(0, loc.lastIndexOf('/'));

javascript redirect to base url

window.location.href = "/home";

How to get Base URL or Root URL using Javascript

In JavaScript, you can retrieve the base URL or root URL of the current page using the window.location object.

Here’s an example of how to get the base URL or root URL using JavaScript:

var baseUrl = window.location.protocol + "//" + window.location.host;

In this example, the window.location.protocol property returns the protocol (e.g. “http” or “https”) used by the current page, and the window.location.host property returns the hostname and port number of the current page. These values are concatenated together with the “//” string to create the base URL.

For example, if the current page URL is “https://www.example.com/path/to/page”, the baseUrl variable would be set to “https://www.example.com”.

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