How to Get the length of an array in PHP?

in array length in php, You can easy use the main Two types of the ways first is a PHP count() as well as sizeof() method to get the number of elements as well as data values in an array. The count() and sizeof() method results data returns 0 for a variable that has been initialized with an empty array, so it may also results return 0 for a php variable that is not any set.

array length in php

  • using count() function
  • using sizeof() function

php count array lengths elements with specific value

PHP count() function

    Example of Counting an Array Values in PHP

array length in php

"; echo 'Your Total number of movies in the $movies array is - ' . sizeof($movies); ?>

PHP Array Lengths Size Count Tutorial With Example

PHP sizeof() function


echo "Normal count: " . sizeof($movies)."
"; echo "Recursive count: " . sizeof($movies,1); ?>


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