php calculate age – How to Calculate Age in PHP?

php calculate age using date(), date_create(), and date_diff() functions are used to calculate age of the user till today in PHP.

php calculate age

Calculate age based on date of birth

PHP >= 5.3.0

$from = new DateTime('1992-02-01');
$to   = new DateTime('today');
echo $from->diff($to)->y;

echo date_diff(date_create('1992-02-01'), date_create('today'))->y;

How to Calculate Age from Date of Birth in PHP?


$dob = "17-10-1992";
$today = date("Y-m-d");
$diff = date_diff(date_create($dob), date_create($today));
echo 'Age is '.$diff->format('%y');

Calculate the age from date of birth in PHP

Method 1


$dob = '25-04-1992';
$dob = new DateTime($dob);
$now = new DateTime();
$diff = $now->diff($dob);
echo "Your current age is ".$diff->y." years ".$diff->m." months ".$diff->d." days";

How To Convert Date Of Birth In Words In Php?

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Method 2

$dob = '25-04-1992';
$today = date("Y-m-d");
$diff = date_diff(date_create($dob), date_create($today));
echo "your current age is ".$diff->format('%y')." Years".$diff->format('%m')." months ".$diff->format('%d')." days";

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