php remove comma from string – how to remove comma from string in php?

php remove comma from string. To remove comma or any special char, you can replace. To replace, use str_replace() in PHP. Then use trim() to remove unnecessary commas at the front or end of the string.

php remove comma from string

trim comma from variable in php


Remove comma from a string in PHP?


echo "After removing the comma(,)=",$result,"
"; ?>

PHP remove commas from numeric strings


$a = "1,895";
$b = str_replace( ',', '', $a );

if( is_numeric( $b ) ) {
    $a = $b;

How to remove the last comma from a PHP foreach loop?

Remove the comma from the last item of PHP foreach loop

Remove Last Comma From String Jquery

remove comma from string php

Remove an item from comma separated string using PHP


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