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php class this – In PHP i can get the class instance inside the class methods to get variables using the $this variable.

php class this & PHP this and self Keyword

PHP $this class – Hence this keyword is quite useful in PHP. In PHP, the self and this keyword are used to refer class members within the scope of a class. $this is a reserved keyword in PHP that refers to the calling object.

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in … on Line

class PageUI {
public static $menu;
public static function getMenu() {
return self::$menu;

Access current class properties inside current class method.

Difference between PHP self and this

self this
the self-keyword will not be preceded by any symbol; rather we can use as it is. But PHP this keyword should be preceded with a $ sign while referring class User-defineds.
PHP scope resolution operator will be used with the self keyword. For example, self::<class-member> -> symbol is used with $this variable as we have used with an object instance to access the property of that object. For example, $this-><class-member>
It will be used for referring a static User-defined of a class. this is used for accessing non-static User-defined with -> operator.
PHP self is referring class User-defineds, not for any particular instance; rather, all of the class instances will use same static User-defined by the use of self. But, $this will refer class User-defineds for a particular instance of the class.

Example: PHP self Vs this

Products_name = $name;
$this->Products_Type = $Type;

public function getProductName() { 
return $this->Products_name; 
public function getProductType() { 
return $this->Products_Type; 
public function getProductStore_nonStatic() { 
return self::getProductStore(); 
public static function getProductStore() { 
return self::$Store_name;
public static function setProductStore($Storename) { 


$objProducts = new Products("Game Car","Game Products");
$Products_name = $objProducts->getProductName();
$Products_Type = $objProducts->getProductType();
echo "
Product: " . $Products_name . ", Type: " . $Products_Type; Products::$Store_name = "Infinityknow"; $Store_name = Products::getProductStore(); echo "
Store Name: " . $Store_name; Products::setProductStore("ProductStore"); $Storename = Products::getProductStore_nonStatic(); echo "
Store Name via non static function: " . $Storename; ?>

In the above Example, i have 3 User-defined variables for Products class. 2 of those are non-static, expected to be initialized automatically while creating class instances. And, the class contains only one static variable commonly referred for all instances of the class.

When to use self over $this in PHP ?

With constructors, the class variables are referred by using $this, for initialization. Again, using $this variable the initialized User-defineds variables are referred for class getters defined as a non-static User-defined function, returning required values for a specific class instance.

On the other hand, static User-defineds are referred by using a self keyword to return the static value of $Store_name by the static User-defined function getProductStore() of the Products class.

Outside the class, first of all, i have created an instance with 2 main arguments, for automatically calling the class constructor. With respect to this object or instance, the non-static User-defined functions are invoked to get the value of $Products_name and $Products_Type. Now, User-defined functions use $this to refer those values initialized on instantiation.

And then, the static User-defineds are accessed from outside the class by using the class name itself. But, within class scope, i have used self to access those User-defineds. In this Example, i have retrieved static variable values by using non-static User-defined function getProductStore_nonStatic(), also.

And then executing the above PHP Example, it will return the bellow results to the browser to be showed.

Product: Game Car, Type: Game Products
Store Name: Infinityknow
Store Name via non static function: ProductStore

Access current class properties inside current class method

new + $this->land;
		echo "addition=".$add."
"; } function sub( ) { $sub=$this->new - $this->land; echo "subtraction=".$sub; } } $obj= new example(); $obj->add(); $obj->sub(); ?>

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