php escape char – PHP Escape Sequences

php escape char \’ – To escape ‘ within single quoted string, \” – To escape “ within double quoted string, \\ – To escape the backslash, \$ – To escape $, \n – To add line breaks between string, \t – To add tab space and \r – For carriage return.

php escape char – How To Use Escape Characters in PHP?

Escape Sequence Example

echo "PHP Escape Sequences:\n Backslash \\ is used as an escaping character.";

Widely used Escape Sequences in PHP

The valid escape sequences in PHP are shown in the following List.

  • \’ – To escape ‘ within single quoted string.
  • \” – To escape “ within double quoted string.
  • \\ – To escape the backslash.
  • \$ – To escape $.
  • \n – To add line breaks between string.
  • \t – To add tab space.
  • \r – For carriage return.
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escape sequences Example

    $LatestString = "It is an \"escaped\" string";
    $LatestSingleString = 'It \'will\' work';
    $LatestNonVariable = "I have \$zilch in my pocket";
    $LatestNewline = "It ends with a line return\n";
    $LatestFile = "c:\\windows\\system32\\myfile.txt";

Double Quotes and Heredoc

$name = 'Infinityknow';
echo "Welcome $name"; // "Welcome Infinityknow"

$name = 'Infinityknow';
echo <<<HEREDOC
Welcome $name
// "Welcome Infinityknow"


$name = 'Infinityknow';
echo "Welcome {$name}"; // "Welcome Infinityknow"

Single-quoted strings (‘string’)

$name = 'Infinityknow';
echo 'Welcome $name'; // "Welcome $name"

$name = 'Infinityknow';
echo <<<'NOWDOC'
Welcome $name
// "Welcome $name"

Character Escaping

$name = 'Infinityknow';
echo "Welcome \$name"; // "Welcome $name"

$name = 'Infinityknow';
echo "Welcome \\$name"; // "Welcome \Infinityknow"

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Tab Characters: \t and \v

echo "Welcome\tPakainfo";

//results : Welcome Pakainfo

New Lines: \r and \n

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echo "Left\nLeft\nRight\nRight";

Escape character: \e

echo "\e[32mPakainfo website\e[0m \e[33mInfinityknow website\e[0";

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