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PHP Converting an array to JSON Tutorial With Example

Today, We want to share with you PHP Converting an array to JSON Tutorial With Example.In this post we will show you How to convert php array to json object with example?, hear for How To Convert PHP Array To JSON Tutorial With Example we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about PHP Object To JSON – PHP json_encode with an example.

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PHP Converting an array to JSON Tutorial With Example

There are the Following The simple About PHP Converte an array to JSON Tutorial Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop PHP Array To JSON, so the some major files and Directory structures for this example is following below.

convert php array or object to json string

Example : 1

  $richest_men = ['Warren Buffett', 'Bernard Arnault', 'Bill Gates', 'Mark Zuckerberg', 'Jeff Bezos'];
  $richest_menJSON = json_encode($richest_men);
  echo $richest_menJSON;

Results Below

["Warren Buffett","Bernard Arnault","Bill Gates","Mark Zuckerberg","Jeff Bezos"]

php json_decode convert object to array

Example : 2

  $richest_men = ['Warren Buffett', 'Bernard Arnault', 'Bill Gates', 'Mark Zuckerberg', 'Jeff Bezos'];
  $richest_menJSONObject = json_encode($richest_men, JSON_FORCE_OBJECT);
  echo $richest_menJSONObject;

Results Below
{"0":"Warren Buffett","1":"Bernard Arnault","2":"Bill Gates","3":"Mark Zuckerberg","4":"Jeff Bezos"}

php convert object to array json_encode

Example : 3

  $details = ['name'=>'Narendra Modi', 'website'=>'https://www.narendramodi.in/'];
  $jsonDetails = json_encode($details);
  echo $jsonDetails;

Results Below

{"name":"Narendra Modi","website":"https://www.narendramodi.in/"}

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