PHP image manipulation Fits and Fill

Today, We want to share with you PHP image manipulation Fits and Fill.In this post we will show you php manipulating images fits, hear for resize an image to an exact size, retain aspect, and fill any space in php we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Dynamically scale images to fit a specified size width and height with an example.

PHP image manipulation Fits and Fill

There are the Following The simple About PHP image manipulation Fits and Fill Full Information With Example and source code.

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As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop php image crop and resize, so the some Resize image in PHP for this example is following below.

Copy and resize part of an image with resampling

Simple Dynamically scale images to fit a specified size width and height using PHP

// File and new size using GD Libs
$filename = 'pakainfo.jpg';
$total_percent = 0.5;

// Content type
header('Content-Type: image/jpeg');

// Get Img new sizes using GD Libs
list($width, $height) = getimagesize($filename);
$rearrange_w = $width * $total_percent;
$rearrange_h = $height * $total_percent;

// Load
$results_thum = imagecreatetruecolor($rearrange_w, $rearrange_h);
$source = imagecreatefromjpeg($filename);

// here simple Resize using GD Libs
imagecopyresized($results_thum, $source, 0, 0, 0, 0, $rearrange_w, $rearrange_h, $width, $height);

// Live Output

php manipulating images fits

Simple Examples

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PHP fit — Crop and resize combined using API

// Simple open file a image resource file in PHP
$img = Image::make('public/pakainfo.jpg');

//PHP Image crop the best PHP Box fitting 5:3 (600x360) ratio as well as resize to 600x360 pixel
$img->fit(600, 360);

//simple PHP Image crop the best fitting 1:1 ratio (300x300) as well as resize to 300x300 pixel

// add callback functionality to retain maximal original image size
$img->fit(800, 600, function ($constraint) {

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