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php string start with :

Today, We want to share with you php string start with.In this post we will show you
php string starts with character
, hear for php string starts with substring we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about How To Check If String Contains A Substring In PHP? with an example.

php string start with

Example : 1

Check if String Starts with Number in PHP

$marketing = "4Welcome Pakainfo";
if ( is_numeric($marketing[0]) ) {
    echo "\"{$marketing}\" starts with a number.";
} else {
    echo "\"{$marketing}\" does not start with a number.";

Example : 2 php string starts with

//php check if first four characters of a string = pakainfo
substr( $pakainfo, 0, 4 ) === "pakainfo";
//php check if first five characters of a string = pakainfos
substr( $pakainfos, 0, 5 ) === "pakainfos";

Example : 3 Check if a String Starts With a Specified String in PHP

  $marketing = "ms. Rakesh";
  if(strncasecmp($marketing, "Ms.", 3) === 0){
      echo "The member data string starts with the desired substring.";
      echo "The member data  string does not start with the desired substring.";

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PHP substr() Function

<!DOCTYPE html>

echo substr("Welcome Pakainfo",6);


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