react refresh page – How to reload page in react js?

react refresh page – React refresh or reload page Example: how to refresh the page using react window.location.reload(false);

react refresh page – How to Refresh a Page or Component in React?

react refresh page To refresh a page, we need to use the window.location.reload() method in React. In this article, I’m going to share how to reload a component and page in React.js

Method 1: Refresh a Page Using JavaScript



import React from 'react'

class Reload extends React.Component{

    function storeProductData() {

		    	<button onClick={storeProductData}>Click to reload!</button>

export default Reload;

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Method 2: Update State


import React, { useState } from 'react';

function ShoppingCart() {
  const [cart, setCart] = useState([]);

  function storeProductData(e) {
    const item =;
    setCart(cart => [...cart, item]);

  return (
    <div className="app">
      <div className="items">
        <button value="Laptop Pro" onClick={storeProductData}>???? Laptop Pro</button>
        <button value="iPhone XS" onClick={storeProductData}>????iPhone XS</button>
        <button value="Computer" onClick={storeProductData}>???? Computer</button>
        <button value="DVD Bear" onClick={storeProductData}>???? DVD Bear</button>
      <div className="cart">
          { => <li key={item}>{item}</li>)}

export default ShoppingCart;


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