jquery remove data attribute – Removing data attributes from HTML using jQuery?

jquery remove data attribute Setting, getting, and removing data attributes Examples with demo. jQuery removeData() Method. The jQuery removeData() method can used to removes data attribute previously set on HTML elements.

jquery remove data attribute

The removeAttr() method removes one or more attributes from the selected elements.

Syntax. $(selector).removeAttr(attribute). Parameter, Description.


JQuery Remove Data Attribute Value Example


<!DOCTYPE html>
  div { margin:2px; color:blue; }
  span { color:red; }
  <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.3.1.min.js"></script> 
  <div>pakainfo before updated: <span></span></div>
  <div>pakainfo after updated: <span></span></div>
  <div>pakainfo after deleted: <span></span></div>
  <div>infinityknow after deleted: <span></span></div>
    $("span:eq(0)").text("" + $("div").data("test1"));
    $("div").data("test1", "VALUE-1");
    $("div").data("test2", "VALUE-2");
    $("span:eq(1)").text("" + $("div").data("test1"));
    $("span:eq(2)").text("" + $("div").data("test1"));
    $("span:eq(3)").text("" + $("div").data("test2"));


pakainfo before updated:

pakainfo after updated:

pakainfo after deleted:

infinityknow after deleted:

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