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In Version 1.5 – SKT IT Consultant is an IT best solution theme as well as can be used for any type of consulting and networking great websites. It is a wasy and very any device responsive WordPress theme as well as is a big any color changing options theme whereby you can update colors to whatever needs you the best.

IT Solution WordPress theme for IT sector and other business

Hence this wp theme can also be helps for business, blogs, corporate, gov, medical, schools, finance, collages, conglomerate, company, design agency etc. Comes with a main default slider as well as an simple to use available all the theme options for Free SKT IT Consultant WordPress theme.
skt it

skt it Documentation

Here available easy to use step by step learn to full Documentation of this wordpress theme options is available as well. here sample best Check out demo at:

  • admin_header_css
  • itconsultant_admin_header_image
  • itconsultant_credit_link
  • skt_itconsultant_custom_customize_enqueue
  • skt_itconsultant_ie_stylesheet
  • skt_itconsultant_jetpack_setup
  • itconsultant_custom_css
  • itconsultant_custom_header_args
  • skt_itconsultant_comment
  • skt_itconsultant_services
  • skt_itconsultant_setup
  • itconsultant_custom_header_setup
  • skt_itconsultant_posted_on
  • skt_itconsultant_scripts
  • itconsultant_header_style
  • itconsultant_sanitize_integer
  • skt_itconsultant_enhanced_image_navigation
  • skt_itconsultant_excerpt_length
  • skt_itconsultant_font_url
  • skt_itconsultant_attachment_size
  • itconsultant_admin_header_style
  • skt_itconsultant_body_classes
  • skt_itconsultant_categorized_blog
  • skt_itconsultant_category_transient_flusher
  • skt_itconsultant_the_attached_image
  • skt_itconsultant_widgets_init
  • skt_itconsultant_content_nav
  • skt_itconsultant_customize_preview_js
  • skt_itconsultant_customize_register
  • skt_itconsultant_custom_blogpost_pagination
  • skt_itconsultant_page_menu_args
  • skt_itconsultant_pagination

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