How to change date format in PHP?

This Article helps to you date format in php using strtotime() as well as date() methods to convert date time formats for user friendly. For simple example you have stored a date like as a YYYY-MM-DD default formats in a php variable as well as required to update this to MM-DD-YYYY date formats.

How do I Convert Date Format in PHP

I can achive this by converting date first to seconds using strtotime() methods. After that reconstruct date to any formats using date() methods. following is some more examples of conversion:

Everything You Need to Know About Date format in PHP
Everything You Need to Know About Date format in PHP

1. Change YYYY-MM-DD => MM-DD-YYYY

Here i have date yyyy-mm-dd (β€œ2021-04-25”) formats as well as new fresh converting it to mm-dd-yyyy (β€œ04-25-2021”) date formats.

$startDt = "2021-04-25";
$resultDt = date("m-d-Y", strtotime($startDt));
echo $resultDt;



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2. Change YYYY-MM-DD => DD-MM-YYYY

and then i have date yyyy-mm-dd (β€œ2021-04-25”) date formats as well as converting it to dd-mm-yyyy (β€œ25-04-2021”) date formats.

$startDt = "2021-04-25";
$resultDt = date("d-m-Y", strtotime($startDt));
echo $resultDt;



3. Change DD/MM/YYYY => YYYY-MM-DD

If you have slashes in date formats such as a β€œ25/04/2021” and required to convert / with hyphens (-). The bellow simple example will help you to convert DD/MM/YYYY (β€œ25/04/2021”) to YYYY-MM-DD (2021-04-25).

$startDt = "25/04/2021";
$date = str_replace('/', '-', $startDt );
$resultDt = date("Y-m-d", strtotime($date));
echo $resultDt;



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