sql compare strings – How to compare two strings in SQL?

sql compare strings STRCMP() function in MySQL is used to compare two strings. Here is the syntax to use STRCMP () function:

sql compare strings

Compare two strings: SQL stands for Structured Query Language. In SQL, we can compare two strings using STRCMP () function. It returns 0 if both of the strings are same and returns -1.

Syntax and parameters:

SELECT column_name1, column_name2, …
FROM table_name1
WHERE column_name1:: [varchar, text] comparison_operator [>,<,=,!=,...] comparision_expression :: [varchar, text]

MySQL STRCMP() Function

SELECT STRCMP("Example Article", "Example Article");

SQL Query to Compare Two Strings

DECLARE @Player1 VARCHAR(30), @Player2 VARCHAR(20);
Set @Player1='pakainfo';
Set @Player2='pakainfoforpakainfo';
If @Player1=@Player2 Select 'match' else Select 'not match';

STRCMP() function

Select STRCMP('pakainfo', 'pakainf') As 'Cmp_Value'

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