Tag you app – best youtube tag extractor [FREE TOOL] – 2024

Tag you app – Youtube tags are very important to rank Youtube videos. You can use the tag app to find the best tags for Youtube videos. The complete process of how to use the Tag you app is given below.

What is Tag you app?

This is a free Youtube seo tool. With this you can research youtube tags keywords.

Tag you app
Tag you app

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how to download tag u app?

  • Step 1: Go to the playstore of your mobile.
  • Step 2: Search by typing Tag you app on the search bar.
  • Step 3: Click on Tag you app install.

How to use Tag you app?

You can open Tag you app and use it by clicking on any option like suggest keyword, get tags from url etc. All these options have different functions.

1.Suggest keyword: On this option you can related your video.
2.Get tags from url: On this option you can daalkar url of any video to know the tags of that video.

Tag you app features

  1. Build yt Backlinks
  2. Find competitor
  3. Get tags from url
  4. Suggest keyword

how to find best tags for youtube videos?

Trick 1:

Open Tag you app. Now click on suggest keyword and search by entering your main keyword. Now many keywords will be visible, put all these keywords on the tags of your video.

Trick 2:

You can put the tags of that video on your video by putting the link of the video ranked on the topic on which you want to make a video, on the get tags from url of the tag you app.

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benefits of Youtube Tag

Tag is very important for seo of youtube video. Many SEO experts agree that before your youtube video is uploaded, you need to properly tag keywords in your video.

Youtube tags help to get your videos to the right audience, this will increase the views on your videos. When you put tags on videos, then the chances of getting views on your videos increase.


Q: What is Youtube tags?

Ans: Youtube tags are group of keywords (youtube seo parameter).

Q: What is Tag you app?

Ans: It is a youtube seo tool.

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