infinix | History, Products, Headquarters, & Facts – Who are the owners of infinix?

infinix Is From Which Country? Is infinix A Chinese Company? infinix Company Origin? Know who is the owner of infinix mobile and which country’s company it is?

Hello friends ! Welcome to Paka Info. Today we are going to talk about Infinix, we will know more about “infinix Is From Which Country?”. Its smartphones are being liked a lot.

The special thing about this company is that this company makes smartphones with more features at lower prices. The features that you get in a smartphone of 25 thousand, Infinix makes it available in the range of 10 to 12 thousand. This is why customers love infinix.

infinix company

If you also want to take infinix smartphone, then you should have complete information about it because whatever you buy directly benefits the company making that product and its country.


That is why in today’s post we will talk about “Where is Infinix company” and “Who is the owner of Infinix company?” So let’s start without any delay.

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Company Details
Company Name Infinix
Founded 2013
Founder Transsion Holdings
Key People Benjamin jiang (CEO)
Headquarter Hong kong.
Industry Mobile phones
Area served More than 30 countries
Products earphones, Mobile phones, computers, Laptops, many more smartphone accessories

Where is Infinix company?

Infinix is ​​a Chinese company. Because its parent company is Transsion Holdings and it is a Chinese smartphone maker. That is why Infinix is ​​called a Chinese company. This company was founded in 2013 by two companies named Sagem Wireless and Transsion Holdings.

Infinix’s smartphones are designed in France and they are manufactured in many countries like France, Korea, Pakistan, India, Indonesia. Its development center is located in Korea and France.

In today’s time Infinix is ​​one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world. At present it does business in about 30 countries of the world. Recently in 2021 it also launched laptops which have been named as INbook X1 Series.

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who is the owner of infinix company?

Infinix is ​​the owner of the company Transsion Holdings and Sagem Wireless. Together these two companies started this Infinix in 2013. That is why he is called the owner of infinix.

The CEO of Infinix is ​​’Benjamin Jiang’. Transsion Holdings is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, while Sagem Wireless is a French multinational communication and mobile network and device manufacturer.

Infinix’s smartphones are designed in France and they are manufactured in many countries like France, Korea, Pakistan, India, Indonesia.

Best Infinix Mobile Phones

  • Infinity hot 7 pro
  • Infinix Hot 10
  • Infinix Hot 10 Play
  • Infinix Hot 10S
  • Infinix Hot 11
  • Infinix Hot 11S
  • Infinix Hot 4 Pro
  • Infinix Hot 6 Pro
  • Infinix Hot S3
  • Infinix Hot S3X
  • Infinix Note
  • Infinix Note 10
  • Infinix Note 10 Pro
  • Infinix Note 4
  • Infinix Note 5
  • Infinix S4
  • Infinix S5
  • Infinix S5 Lite
  • Infinix S5 pro
  • Infinix Smart 2
  • Infinix Smart 4
  • Infinix Smart 5
  • Infinix Smart 5A
  • Infinix Smart HD 2021
  • Infinix Zero 5
  • Infinix Zero 5 Pro
  • Infinix Zero 8i
  • Infinix hot 7
  • Infinix hot 8
  • Infinix hot 9
  • Infinix hot 9 pro
  • Infinix smart 3 plus
  • Infinix smart 5 plus
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Yes friends! Hope you liked our today’s post “Where is Infinix company”. We have tried in this post to give you a detailed answer to every question related to Infinix like who is the owner of Infinix smartphone? And which country’s company is Infinix?