How to Convert XML to JSON in PHP?

In this post we will show you how to convert xml to json in php. we will show you different method for xml convert to json in php. Method – 1: xml2json php xml convert to json using json json_encode and json_decode. it is very easy way to Convert XML to JSON in PHP. Json … Read more

How to get the current page name using PHP?

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paypal payment gateway integration in php source code download

Today I am going to step by step integrate paypal payment gateway with core PHP with Mysql Database. Payment gateway are third party options that handle all the payment transaction between customer(Payer) and merchants .They have many more available parameter like as customer name, Payer email Address ,material name, material model no, material total cost, … Read more

Add And Remove Text box Dynamically Using JavaScript Example

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jQuery AJAX Pagination in PHP Without Page Refresh Example

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PHP MySQL CRUD Create, Insert, Update and Delete operations

crud operations in php is an acronym for Select, Insert, Update, and Delete. CRUD operations are simply data manipulation for MySQL database. I have a already learned how to perform create (i.e. insert data), read (i.e. select data), edit with update as wel as soft and hard delete operations in previous best Articles. In this … Read more

Pagination in PHP and MySQLi Source Code

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select query in php mysql with example

MySQL SELECT Statement with Examples Syntax SELECT select_list FROM table_name; select Statement MySQL SELECT locationment examples SELECT member_sir_name FROM members; MySQL SELECT multiple columns example mysql > select from multiple columns in tables SELECT membersirname, membername, occupation_name FROM members; SELECT * Example select query in mysql SELECT * FROM Members; I hope you get an … Read more