Top 10 Advanced AngularJS Interview Questions Answers

Top 10 Advanced AngularJS Interview Questions Answers

Today, We want to share with you Top 10 Advanced AngularJS Interview Questions Answers.
In this post we will show you Top 10 AngularJS Interview Questions & Answers, hear for Top 10 AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Top AngularJS Interview Questions With Answers with an example.

Question 1 : What is AngularJS?

Answer : “AngularJS is an open-source Simple (JavaScript Based)js framework developed by Google.” also supports Dependency Injection, two-way data binding, routing features

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-Large website easy-to-maintain,
-build large scale web application and high performance supports web Application,
-AngularJS is open source,
-angular completely free,
-and angular is cross-browser platform

Question 2 :What is scope in AngularJS?

Answer : “objects” Scopes are one type of the objects that conect to the model. They act as favikik between the main controller and HTML view.

Question 3 :What is routing in AngularJS?

Answer : routing stands switching (Navigation)It is main fundas of switching Pages or files views. AngularJS based MVC controller decides some pages which HTML view to render particular based on the MVC business logic.

Question 4 :What is constant in AngularJS?

Answer : constants are main used to functions or methods pass values at main config param steps considering the fact all the data that any data value acannot be should used to be passed parameters during config steps.

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liveApp.constant("configParam", "Welcome to pakainfo");

Question 5 :What is controller in AngularJS?

Answer : It’s a package of the js functions or methods Angular controller is a bunch of js functions or methods which is two way or more bound to a specified particular scope. and it’s ng-Controller directive

How to use ng-Controller in Angular

//any tags
<body ng-Controller=”expression”>  
<div ng-app="pakaApp" ng-controller="YOUR_CONTROLLER_NAME">  

Question 6 :How many types of data binding in angular?

Answer : Simple Binding Directives in AngularJs List methods directive
5.and ng-model

Question 7 : List of Directives in AngularJS?

Answer : There are main types of the Angular Directives.
1.angularjs – ngBind,
2.ngModel directive

Question 8 :What is the ng-include directive in Angularjs?.

Answer : All the header or footer pages embed HTML some pages within a HTML page using best way to include or required ng-include directive in angular.

<div ng-app = "" ng-controller = "pakainfoCtrl">
   <div ng-include = "'header.htm'"></div>
   <div ng-include = "'footer.htm'"></div>

Question 9 :What is $Scope in AngularJS?

Answer : angular Scope is a best keywords of JavaScript object which interexchange the main part of joining any controller with the markup HTML views.

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Question 10 :What is $rootScope in AngularJS?

Answer : get parent of all of the main scope$rootScope main used to the all parent elements or of all of the scope angular variables.

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