Top 10 Angular2 Interview Questions and Answers

Today, We want to share with you Top 10 Angular2 Interview Questions and Answers.
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Top 10 Angular2 Interview Questions and Answers

here Angular 2, is free means an open source pure JavaScript latest framework that simple developed using main used to TypeScript.There are the Following The simple About Top 10 Angular2 Interview Questions and Answers Full Information With Top Question and Answer and source code.

Question No 1 : What is The different between Angular 2 and Angular?

Answer : Angular 2 is fully features of the different than main first Angular. Angular2 is supported on component as well as modules based instead of angular first in controllers with scope to any angular devloped web or mobile application.

Question No 2 : What are the advantages of using Angular 2 ?

Answer : There are Angular 2 has some following advantages Like

  1. Faster and Modern Browsers
  2. Mobility Driven
  3. Changing World of Web
  4. Easy Applicability
  5. Strong and Flexible Routing
  6. Better Performance

Question No 3 : What is List of the components in Angular2?

Answer : There are Angular 2 has some following components Like

  1. Component
  2. Metadata
  3. Modules
  4. Service
  5. Templates

Question No : 4 What is directive in Angular 2?

Answer : An Angular 2 events or methods directive is a custom view side HTML Dom’s need to inherit some more HTML features in bind data to smart way.

Question No : 5 How to declare component in Angular 2?

Answer : main building section of an Angular 2 web application.

@Component({selector: 'pakainfo', template: '{{title}}!'})
class Pakainfo {
title: string = 'This is';

Question No 6 : What is template in Angular 2?

Answer : Angular 2 supported Template(view) is HTML DOM and need to render/bind data components in HTML display views.

Question No 7 : What is Typescript in Angular 2?

Answer : It’s supported Typescript language.main means of Typescript is typed or main super set of pure JavaScript.other way JavaScript source code is valid all Typescript source agular 2 Typescript supported to modules, components, create classes, namespaces etc.

Question No 8 : What’s the need to @Inputs in Angular 2?

Answer : In simple Angular 2, @Input mode is need to http send data into main javascript controller and view side HTML templates to evolution each action on bind data before some load or render it.

Question No 9 : What is routing in Angular 2?

Answer :In Angular 2, navigation means Routing is need to directing view to different more pages according to some options to bind or load with render Angular HTML main components.

Question No 10 : What’s the need of @Outputs in Angular 2?

Answer : The simple in angular 2 @Outputs is need to data bind set property of angular 2 components to send http client data from one view component to more next another another component. This is need to manage simple one way two side communication from mode of the child to parent mode component.

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