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Top movies and shows based on Cryptocurrencies

 Cryptocurrency has not had such a long journey, starting from 2009. It is only a decade long story but it is already revolutionising the financial world. In the, there are many different kinds of cryptocurrencies coming into the market. Most of these are performing really well and giving good investment returns. Seeing the potential of Cryptocurrencies many bigger names are coming forward to invest. Some companies, businessmen and local people are already investing in this. 

Seeing this bigger picture of cryptocurrencies people around the globe are interested in knowing it better. It all created a demand for movies and web shows about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and also Blockchain technology. We are here with a list of 10 movies based on it. 

If we are talking about Cryptocurrencies, how can we forget about the technology which made this possible. This movie gives complete information about Blockchain technology. To understand the concept, benefits, and applications of Blockchain technology, you should definitely watch this movie. This movie is a complete package to understand Blockchain as well as personal opinions of some experts. To know about cryptocurrency, you need a knowledge of Blockchain technology too. And this movie is perfect to understand blockchain technology. 

  • Netflix explained: Cryptocurrency 

If you are someone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies but cannot spend hours looking at screens. This 15 minutes short film is for you. In this short video you can get an idea about the basics of cryptocurrency. Along with basics this video also contains information about the world around cryptocurrencies. 

  • Bitcoin: the end of money as we know it  (documentary) 

This is a one hour documentary released in 2015, which has a full packed information about Bitcoins. This movie explains the origin of Bitcoins, and how it can impact other currencies. It also gives an insight about the potential of Bitcoins. The movie talks about the role of banks in inflation and how it all leads to the rise of the price of Bitcoins. 

  • Banking on Bitcoin 

There are still a lot of speculations regarding the use of Bitcoins. This movie focuses on real life use of Bitcoins. We all know about Bitcoin ATMs, payment using Bitcoins and what not. You can use Bitcoins even for buying your favourite pizza. But there are still doubts in people’s heads which need to be cleared . This movie serves that purpose and makes it easier for people to understand. How to use your Bitcoins like other traditional currencies. 

  • Crypto 

Where all other movies give information about Pros of cryptocurrency. This movie is based on the Cons of cryptocurrency. What could go wrong when the whole world will start using cryptocurrency. This thriller movie was released in 2019 and will force you to focus on the dark side of cryptocurrency. How things could go wrong for crypto users. 

  • The rise and rise of Bitcoin 

In this journey of almost a decade, Bitcoin has seen many ups and downs. But this currency proved to be one of the most profitable one. Last year the price of Bitcoins reached the highest. This movie shows this journey of Bitcoins. How it acquired this place in the financial market to become a new age currency. 

  • The Bitcoin experiment 

This movie is mainly based on the application of Bitcoins. There are many questions about the legalities, origin and real life use of this digital currency. This movie tries to answer all of them. 

  • CRYPTOPIA: Bitcoin and the future of the Internet 

The movies which are based on cryptocurrency talk about the journey of this digital currency. Whereas this movie focuses on long term investment in crypto, controversies around crypto and challenges related to it. 

  • I am Satoshi 

The search for the Bitcoin founder started only after the mining of the first Bitcoin in 2009. The search is still ON and nobody knows who founded this currency. For documentation we know the name “Satoshi Nakomoto” but it is not clear. Is Satoshi an individual or a group of people. This movie is also based on this search. This is a 53 minutes long film which talks about the possible founder and explains Bitcoin. 

  • Life on Bitcoin 

This movie is a story of two young people who challenge themselves to survive on Bitcoin for 100 days. They try to convince people to accept Bitcoin as payment and also try their hands in Bitcoin trading. This movie was released at that time when Bitcoin was not so popular. 



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