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Who is Crypto Kang , the Crypto millionaire?

 In this decade many things and topics became headlines but Cryptocurrency remains constantly in the news. And that too for some good reasons. In the bitcoinprofit we have seen cryptocurrency becoming globally popular. With the rise of Crypto, Bitcoins and Blockchain technology. We all also saw a parallel rise in the number of crypto influencers . 

Like all the other sectors and industries people were curious to know about this one. It all created an opportunity for crypto influencers to make a place for themselves. These influencers are mostly real time users of crypto who have good knowledge of the market. One of these crypto influencers is Crypto Kang, who is earning in millions and enjoys millions of organic fan-following. Today, let’s get into his life to understand his journey. 

Who is Crypto Kang? 

Crypto Kang is a Crypto influencer and investor who teaches people about Cryptocurrency through his YouTube channel. He started his crypto journey while he was a University student. Later in 2017, when Bitcoin became talk of the town for the first time. He started taking his crypto career very seriously. His journey of becoming an investor and an influencer is different from others. 

In 2010, Kang was looking for a source to generate a passive income. Then only he knew about cryptocurrency. He realised that Bitcoin mining can earn him money. So, he joined a Bitcoin mining pool. Initially the profits were not that good but he continued his journey. In 2017, when he saw a rise in the influencer culture around cryptocurrencies, he too joined the race. Unlike others, he didn’t try to influence the market, instead started giving some real insights of the crypto market. There are two things which worked in his favour of becoming a Crypto millionaire. Let’s take a look at that. 

How Crypto Kang become a Crypto millionaire?

Cryptocurrency is a good way of making money but it works only when you have a good knowledge of the market. There are newbies who just put their money into Bitcoin and wait for a miracle to happen. Crypto Kang knew that making money in crypto requires a good strategy. Hence, there are two things which made him a crypto millionaire. 

  • A early bird in Crypto world 

Bitcoin was mined in 2009 and Crypto Kang knew about this currency in 2010. Simply means very early than other influencers. While in university, through some sources he came to know about Bitcoin mining. After this, he researched Bitcoins and made money from Bitcoin mining. Later, he joined a Bitcoin mining pool to make a steady income. 

With time he realised the potential the currency holds. With his university classes he managed to teach himself about Bitcoins. His enthusiasm and interest in Bitcoin make him what he is today. He read the market, the factors affecting the market growth, Crypto trading and profitable investment strategies. All these helped him and being an early comer worked in his favour to become a millionaire. 

  • Not putting all his money in one go

As he was early in the crypto space, he tried different strategies. He tried getting much knowledge about the currency and its potential. Earlier, he was not making good money in crypto. So, he decided to put smaller investments. For some time, he practised this as part-time or just like a passive source of income. But in 2017, everything changed for the Bitcoin. People from all over the world started putting their money in this currency. Crypto Kang too started with bigger investments in the Bitcoin. 

This worked really well in his favour as he has good knowledge about the market. Initially he didn’t waste a lot of money on this. When it started taking over other currencies, he too increased the amount of the investment. Then he joined YouTube to teach people about the Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. 

Why should you follow Crypto Kang ?

Crypto Kang is an influencer who gives information based on his experiences. He never tried to engage in creating profits by misguiding new investors. Instead, he focuses on both the good and bad sides of Crypto investments. 

He never sells people any gimmicks but guides them to make responsible investment decisions. This is one of the qualities which makes him popular. Unlike others, he speaks based on facts not on trends. 

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