What is Vidmate Cash App and how to download it?

Let us know what is Vidmate Cash App – What is Vidmate Cash App? This is a kind of money earning app. You get many types of tasks on this App, you have to complete them as a result of which you get Coins and you can convert those coins into cash. How to use it and how to use it, all this will be told to you in this article. Along with this, we will also tell you how to download it?

Vidmate is used to download videos but this app was closed in India for security reasons, due to which this app has now come with its new name and is giving you a chance to win cash. Let us know how it works.

How Vidmate Cash App works?

Vidmate Cash works in the same way as the old Vidmate used to work. The only difference is that in this you get a cash prize.

Vidmate CashApp

Gold coins are available for watching videos

Vidmate Cash gives you an opportunity to earn cash in many ways. For this, you will have to watch videos through it and download them. Videos can be of any type. Either they are uploaded in vidmate itself or this app shows you the videos through youtube in your own browser.

The longer you watch the video in this application, the more points you can earn. Like watching two minutes you get 200 points. Let us tell you that here you get forty paise for collecting about 4000 points.

You get points for inviting friends

You also get rewards if you invite friends to use this app. For this, the option of invite and earn is available in this app. There you get an invite code, with the help of which if your friend downloads the app and logins, then you get five thousand coins. If you also use someone else’s invite code, then you also get some points.

The more points your friend earns, the more commission you get.

Vidmate Cash App gives points even after using third party app

Vidmate Cash also gives you points for using third party apps. For example, if you download the Ludo Supreme app from here, you get one lakh points. Also, you get points for downloading apps like Dream Eleven, Tata New, Rummy Circle, A Two Three App and Byju’s.

Actually, third party apps get their publicity done in this app. They pay them and you get a little commission out of it. Vidmate Cash works in a similar way.

How to Withdraw Points from Vidmate Cash App?

Points can also be obtained by converting them to cash from Vidmate Cash App. This can be achieved in two ways.

by paying mobile bill

Its cash can be used by paying the mobile bill. You have to go to My Wallet option, after that you have to select your phone number and operator there. After this, this amount will be deposited in your SIM account.


by sending to bank account

You can also transfer the cash prize to your bank account. For this, you have to go to the transfer option of the withdrawal page and select the amount and then go to the withdrawal option. In the same way, if you go following further instructions, then your cash will be withdrawn.

Know these things before downloading Vidmate Cash App

Vidmate Cash App can be a waste of your time. Use it only for a while to pass the time.

You get a lot of video ads in this app, which might bother some users.

In terms of security too, many questions have been raised on this app. You use it with a phone that does not have any important data. There have also been allegations on this app that it collects your data without taking your permission. That’s why be smart to use it.


It has a variety of levels and tasks that can make you addicted to it.

Vidmate Cash App at a glance

aspect Information
points Received by watching videos and inviting
data security There is no guarantee of data security
pace works fast
download Supports video and audio download
Advertisement get a lot of ads

Download Vidmate Cash App

If you want to download this app, then you have to download its APK because this app is not available on Google Play Store. After downloading the apk you have to install it. After this you will be ready to use this app.

Vidmate Cash App will be downloaded from the link given below. You have to paste this link on chrome or any other browser.

Link: https://www.vidmatecash.com/

In this article, we have told you how you can use Vidmate Cash as well as we have also told you how you can get cash with the help of this app. Along with this also told you what things you have to take care of before downloading it.

Note: Pakainfo does not endorse any such app which can prove to be harmful for the people. This article is being written for your information only. We neither endorse nor discourage you to use this app.

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