Vidmate – Free Download HD videos, songs, and photos VidMate APK for Android 2024

Vidmate 2022 New Link: Do you want to know too? How to download Vidmate App? In Android mobile laptop or computer, today we will know how we can download and use Vidmate App in our mobile, laptop or computer.

Vidmate 2022 New Link : How to Download Vidmate App in Android Mobile Laptop or Computer?

Friends, many times it happens that we watch such a video on Youtube or on Facebook, after watching which our mind wants to watch it again and again, in such a situation, we can watch it online as much as we want at that time, But later we do not find it, then we have to search for it. On the contrary, it is easier to find that video in the gallery of your mobile. also you can step by step Vidmate Download Mp3 Youtube

VidMate APP
VidMate APP

How to download Vidmate App? Full Detail

When you like a video on any social media platform, then in such condition we think of downloading that video, but there is no option to download the video from Facebook or YouTube.

There is a download option on YouTube, but there the video is downloaded in the cloud only in YouTube, that is, when we have to watch that video, then we have to go to YouTube’s app and watch it in the download video. That video will not be in our phone memory or external memory (memory card).

vidmate app download for mobile
vidmate app download for mobile

Today, through this blog post, we will know about such a best app, using which you can easily download all the trending videos like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and all those in all quality.

Friends, whenever we like this. If you want to download videos or music from Facebook or YouTube, then you will get many apps for that, using which you can download videos of Facebook or YouTube very easily.

Process to download Vidmate App

  • Step 1. First of all open Google in your browser
  • Step 2. After this you search by typing vidmate app in Google
  • Step 3. Now a link to the website of vidmate app will appear in front of you, on which you click
  • Step 4. Now the official website of vidmate app will open in front of you
  • Step 5. Here you will see the option to download vidmate app from where you can download vidmate app.
  • Step 6. In this way you can easily download the vidmate app on your mobile by following the given steps.

You can download this app from its official site, apart from this you can also download this app from other third party app provider site.

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Vidmate Best App To Download YouTube Video

  • Friends, we are talking about Vidmate App, with the help of this you can easily download all types of videos in every quality like mp3, mp4, audio, hd, full hd etc. Apart from this, we can easily watch videos that are trending on Whatsapp or Facebook or be a full movie live and download them too.
  • Through this app, you can download the video in different quality according to your need, like if you want to watch the video on laptop or computer Full Hd then you have to download the video in 1080p, 720p.
  • If you want to watch the video in mobile, then you can download it in 480p or 360p, apart from this, if you want to download mp3 format of any video, then you can also download it very easily.
  • You will not find this app on Play Store because Vidmate App does not follow the policy of play store, because you will get all types of content in this app.
  • Now maybe you have understood how to download Vidmate App? Come to Android mobile laptop or computer and understand easily.

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How To Download VidMate App In PC?

If you want to free download 100% working vidmate app on your PC, Computer system or Laptop, then you can ensue the all steps given below.

  • First of all open google in a browser on your computer
  • And then you search in Google platform by typing vidmate mobile application download for windows
  • After that many online website links will appear in front of you
  • You go to the online website of Filehorse where you will see the option to free download the vidmate mobile application.
  • In this method you can free download vidmate app on your PC/computer with the help of third party mobile app.
VidMate Android Download
VidMate Android Download

18 Best Alternatives to VidMate for Android in 2022

How to Download Vidmate App on Iphone Ipad and PC?

If you want to download the vidmate app on Iphone, Ipad and PC, then let us tell you that according to the official website of Vidmate, this app is not published on these platforms yet.

vidmate download
vidmate download

How To Use VidMate App / Vidmate Youtube Downloader Guide

Friends, after downloading VidMate App, you have to understand how to use it? Although friends, it is very easy to use, but there are many such features in it that we do not know about, let us know about some of its important features and how we can use them.

  1. Apps
  2. IPL Match
  3. Moment
  4. Movie
  5. Music
  6. Status
  7. Tv Show
  8. Video

Friends, apart from YouTube videos, you will also find the above features here, in which you can download and install Whatsapp status apart from music, here you will easily get trending Whatsapp status.

You can also watch Tv shows with the help of this app. Apart from this, you can also download clips of IPL matches from here and share them with anyone.

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VidMate App More:

##How to Download Vidmate App? ## in Android Mobile Laptop or Computer

Friends, you can see the main page of VidMate App, in this you will get to see many features, which you can use very easily to download the video, in this you can see a globe logo which is red colored with point. By clicking on it, you can easily download more features and videos, there you can also download many videos.

Youtube Downloader

This is a yputube downloader, from here you can download all the videos, which you often watch on Youtube. In this, you can download youtube videos in different types of quality according to you. We can download any video from here and watch it offline later.

Best For Student

This app is very useful for the students, often many children study online on mobile, in such a situation, the data is more in watching online vedio, because once the video related to studies is not understood, you have to watch it again.

Therefore, through this app, students can download videos available on Youtube and save them in pendrive or any memory, and whenever they want, they can easily watch it. And you must have also understood that how to download Vidmate App? In Android Mobile Laptop or Computer.

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Vidmate App latest version download

To download the latest virson of vidmate app, you have to search by typing vidmate latest virson download in google. After this you have to click on the first link of the result received, after that you can download and install it.

Vidmate 9apps Install Download

9apps is a popular and trustable App Downloading site, if you want to download vidmate 9apps install through 9apps, then you have to simply search by typing vidmate download 9apps in google, and you can download it from the result obtained.

You can download and install vidmate app through 9apps for free. By the way, you get this virus only for free, whether you install it in mobile or in your laptop, computer.

Vidmate New Version Download

The updated versions of Vidmate keep changing with time, if you use the old version of the vidmate app, then its updates keep changing with time, for this you have to update vidmate. And if you download it for the first time, you only get the latest version of it.

Vidmate Youtube Video Download

You can easily download Youtube videos through Vidmate App. And with vidmate app you can download different quality videos.

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Vidmate HD Video Downloader App

When you search to download a video on vidmate app, then you can download that video in HD quality through vidmate app.

Vidmate App Download For 2022

Friends, if you want to download Vidmate App in 2022, then you can be sure and use this app in 2022. In this you will easily get the updated features of Vidmate App.

How to Install Vidmate App

If you have downloaded the vidmate app and now you want to install this app in your mobile, then you will see the option to install it after downloading, as soon as you install it, then you have to give permission in this app setting.

Because this app is not available on Google Play Store, so when you install one that is downloaded from third party app, it has to allow permission by setting mobile.

After allowing permissions, you can easily install this app on your mobile.

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Is Vidmate App Safe Is Vidmate Safe To Install?

There is always a queation in the mind of many people, is the vidmate app safe? If you use any such app which is not available on play store then you should check it thoroughly before downloading and installing such app.

Since it provides many types of downloading videos and such content which is against Google’s policy, it is not available on Google Play Store.

Vidmate Playit Player Problem Solution

If you are also facing vidmate playit problem in which if you want to know how to solve vidmate playit problem? why downloaded videos by vidmate can only be played using playit? How to play downloaded video from vidmate app in any player or how to play vidmate video in MxPlayer?

How to download Vidmate App? Android mobile laptop or computer

Now you can download the vidmate app in your laptop computer or mobile with the help of google chrome browser and use it.

There are many users of vidmate app but due to the absence of this app on playstore, people have to download it.

There is a problem in doing this, but with the given information, you can download it very easily.

How To Play Download Video From Vidmate App In Mx Player

For a few days now, a new update has been seen in the latest version of vidmate app, due to new changes, now if you download any video from vidmate app, then to play that video you have to download playit player but now you can download from vidmate You can play the download video with ease in any player, whether it is MX Player or VLC player, read the article given below for complete information.

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How to play Vidmate Video in any player? & Which country is the Vidmate App from?

Vidmate App is used by many people, so in such a situation, the question comes in the mind of many people, which country’s app is Vidmate App? So let us tell you that vidmate is an app developed by alibaba groups and you all know alibaba is a china group so we can say that vidmate app is a chinas app.

VidMate – Download VidMate APK for Android 2022

We will also teach you how to use Vidmate, first let us know how to download the Vidmate app on your mobile phone.

Is Vidmate App Harmful?

Is Vidmate App Harmful, can there be any kind of security related problem in our mobile phone by using Vidmate, this question will come in the mind of all vidmate users if you also use Vidmate App or you use Vidmate.

If you want to do this, then it is very important for you to know whether vidmate app is a harmful app and how it can be harmful by using it.

Vidmate App is a chaines app which has been developed in China and apart from this, this app is not available on Google Play Store, so everyone doubts its use, although earlier the usefulness of this app was very big.

A number of people used to use it, but recently about 59 Chinese apps were banned by the Indian government, due to which now many people use Chinese apps very little, but those who already use the vidmate app, they need to know. Is vidmate app legal and can we use it.

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VidMate APP, Update 2022, Android Version – 4.35

VidMate APP, Update 2022, Android Version – 4.35
App Update 2022-2-2
OS Android
Licence Free
Version 4.35
Size 15.6 MB
Type Media and Video
Languages English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Arabic Etc.

Is Vidmate App Harmful App?

In today’s article we will know whether people use Vidmate or want to download vidmate app, can there be any danger from vidmate app and if we use vidmate app then how it can harm our device. After understanding all the things, you have to decide whether you can use the vidmate app or not.

Before knowing all this, let us understand what is Vidmate and why there is so much demand for it, after that we will understand whether it can be trusted.

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What Is Vidmate App?

Vidmate App is an app where you get the option of downloading almost all types of videos, you can download this video from your favorite social media platform because there is no option of Direct Downloading on any social media platform. Images can also be downloaded. Using vidmate, you can download the following types of videos.

  1. 123movies
  2. Facebook
  3. metacafe
  4. ozee
  5. tamilgun
  6. Tiktok
  7. tumblr
  8. Twitter
  9. Whatsapp
  10. Youtube

Apart from this, there are many platforms from where you can download many types of videos.

Best Video Downloading Experience:

When you download a video with the help of Vidmate App, you get to see many quality options to download that video.

  • 1080p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 4K
  • 720p
  • Mp3
  • Mp3A

Because of all these quality, everyone likes to use it, it is a kind of all in one app, in this you can watch all types of videos live and if you want to download any video then you can also download it.

You download a file and for some reason your connection gets disconnected, then you can start downloading that file from where it was stopped, in this way you can save your data.

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Is Vidmate App Harmful?

Vidmate app is a very old app, it is being used for the last many years but as you know you can download all types of videos and movies in it and it is against the policy of google, so this app is not in Google Play Store. can be seen.

Due to not being in Google Play Store, when you download this app from any third party app, then you have to allow security related permission in the setting of mobile while installing this app, in which it is warning that any External apps can be harmful to your mobile phone.

Due to many such interruptions, many people suspect that this app is a harmful app, but data theft or any other kind of problem is not seen in it because many of its users still use this app. Now it also depends on your trust otherwise you can use any other app.

However, many claims are made on its official website regarding its security and this app is also associated with many popular sites and it has also been told why this app is not in Google Play Store.

Why Vidmate App is not on Playstore?

This question often comes in the mind of those people who use or want to use the vidmate app, first of all you should know that Google Play Store or Google does not give place to any downloading site unless the site has itself. Do not have your own data, since all movies or videos are not copyright free, in such a situation, if any site or app gives the option to download them, then it cannot be on google’s platform and on these sites or apps Google Adsense or Admob. Ads cannot be placed.

Vidmate App is an app where you get to see almost all types of content, so it does not follow Google’s policy, so it is not on play store, you get many apps that look like vidmate on playstore, which you can mistake. Do not install from .

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Is Vidmate App Chinese App?

Yes Vidmate App is a chines app, it has been developed by the developers of UC Web which is part of Alibaba Group.

Which country is the Vidmate App from?

Many people use Vidmate App, but do you know which country is Vidmate App from, if not, today we will know through this article which country is Vidmate App from, many people say that vidmate app is a chines app. If so, is vidmate a Chinese app, let’s know its full truth.

Vidmate App is a video downloading app which is a very popular app and it is used to download Youtube videos and all other types of video and audio files, so everyone wants to know about it that vidmate kaun se desh ka app hai?

Which Country Made VidMate?

Vidmate App is basically an application which has been created by Alibaba group, so we can say that it is a Chinese App. If you were wondering whether Vidmate App is chaina’s app? So you are absolutely right.

Since is an app of China, then this question must have come in everyone’s mind whether has also been banned in India.

Is VidMate Banned In India After The Government’s Ban On Chinese Apps?

Friends, if we talk about vidmate app, then in today’s time it is used by many people because through it you can easily download videos and music.

But this app is not already present on Play store because this app does not follow the policy of Play Store so you can download it at your own risk.

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How to Download Vidmate App?

If you want to download this vidmate app at your own risk and you want to know how to download vidmate app then click on this link.

After knowing which country belongs to, now this question must be coming in the mind of all of you that is vidmate app Harmful?

Is Vidmate App Harmful? Is VidMate Harmful For My Device?

Friends, although it is used in abundance means it has many users in India too but it can be harmful for our device and hence it is not available on play store.

Recently, many Chinese apps have been banned by the Indian government, in which apps like Tiktok are also present.
Now you must have understood which country belongs to and how we can download it.

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Uses of Vidmate App

Despite the Vidmate App being banned, it is still used by many people. There are many types of uses of Vidmate due to which this app is used a lot.

  1. Latest Videos to Download
  2. Movies to download
  3. mp3 audio song to download
  4. To free download the MP3 all the version available of the video
  5. To download videos from WhatsApp Facebook etc.
  6. YouTube Video Download

From here you can download the video in different quality.


Almost every day, many types of new apps are developed on the Internet, some become so popular that it becomes a need of the people and some are not even known, similar Vidmate app is also a very popular app which is used in many ways. It is used but after the ban of chines app, its use has almost reduced in India but this app was not on Playstore long ago, even then it became very popular.

VidMate App is a useful and important app, which we use every day, you cannot download this application from Play Store, it means it is not an inlegal app, this app is not in playstore because it has There are all the features which are not covered in the policies of the play store.

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Friends, when you search about this app on the Play Store, you will find many apps there but you have to download it from Google which is the original app.

Friends, through this post you must have understood that how to download Vidmate App? How else can we download and use VidMate App in Android mobile laptop or computer, you can give your questions or suggestions through comments.

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