What is software development, its types & more

In these recent years, Internet technology has developed so much that at present Internet is available in every field and technology is being used in every field, in such a situation software development is the most useful skill at present. Considered as one of the but still what is software development? Only a few selected people know this.

In the present time, if you are an internet user, then you must have heard the words like software engineer and software developer because the whole world needs them and their salary is also very good, but today’s article is about what is software development.

Let us tell you that software development is the main part of IT sector businesses. All the digital devices we use in our daily life such as smartphones, smartwatches, smartwatches, computers, etc., software development has a huge contribution in all of them because these devices are able to work so well only because of the software.

That’s why somewhere every person needs to know about software development so that every person can move forward in technical fields as well.

So let us now start knowing all the information related to software development like what is software development, what are the types of software development, life cycle of software development, etc.

What is Software Development?

Software development is the process under which software and software components are created, designed, identified and corrected errors, etc., in this, with the help of computer languages and programming languages, a software or applications can be used on computers or other electronic devices.

If you try to understand in simple language, software development simply means developing or creating software for a computer or other electronic device, but it does not mean that software is developed directly in a process, but To develop a software one has to go through different processes.

Like Planning, Analyzing, Designing, Coding i.e. Implementation, Testing and Maintaining, etc., a software is made through all these processes, there are Scientific Principle’s, Methods and some steps under software development, which are followed by the software Is developed.

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Types of Software Development

Under software development, different types of software are developed and different software development techniques are used to develop different types of software, meaning there are different types of software development, some of which are main types. The following are –

1. Operating System Development

As we all know that Windows, Android Mac, all these are a kind of operating system, meaning OS is a software through which we are able to interact with the computer and use other software on the computer. It is the program of all the programs. It is also called, it is also a kind of software.

Programming languages like C, C++ are used to create such software. Such software is developed under Operating System Development.

2. Video Games Development

In the present time, Gaming Industry has developed a lot, because in today’s time, many video games have been developed which are very popular among the people, Video Games Development has been used to make these video games. Under which video games are developed using programming languages like Java, Python C++.

3. Embedded System Development

Often we use Embedded System in our daily life. Embedded System are such systems in which software is embedded along with the hardware. We do not need to install any other software separately like Calculator, Smartwatch, ATMs, Digital Cameras. All are a type of Embedded system.

Software comes pre-installed in all these, in Embedded System Development the software of these systems is developed. The software present in these is called C, C ++, Java. Python, MicroPython etc. are developed in programming languages.

4. Applications Development

Generally everyone currently uses applications like Photoshop, MS word etc., Applications Development is a separate field in software development in which desktop applications are developed and to develop these applications Java, Python, PHP, C# etc. is used.

5. Cloud Development

You must be aware about Cloud Computing, it is a technology with the help of which we store our data on the Internet, for example, when you upload a photo on Instagram, then it is stored on the Internet with the help of Cloud Computing. It happens. Developing programs based on cloud computing is called Cloud Development.

Programming languages like Python, PSP.net, Java, Ruby, Golang are used in Cloud Development.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

To understand the process of software development, it is very important for us to understand the Life Cycle of Software Development because on the basis of this we develop the software, so let us now know in detail about the Life Cycle of Software Development –

1. Planning.

This is the first life cycle of software development, in which planning is done before developing the software, like what should be the UI of the software, what features should be present in the software, what will be the work of the software, etc. Things are planned, means software is planned.

2. Defining/Analysis.

In this phase, the planning that has been done first is analyzed that, if the software is developed from the planning done, then what problems can arise, how much can be the total cost in developing, what what Requirement may be there, how much time it will take, etc. things are analyzed and defined.

3. Designing.

Now in this phase the design of the software is prepared that what will be the design of the front end of the software, how the user will see the software, where and how the menu will be etc. If you understand in simple language, then in this phase the architecture of the software The design is prepared.

4. Coding/Implementation.

This is one of the most important phases of software development because in this phase coding is done means the way the architecture is designed is implemented through coding in programming language and software using Compiler, Interpreter, Debugger etc. Program is developed


The software program developed under this is tested, in which the errors in the software program are first detected, then they are reported, after which the main aspects of those errors are tracked, then the same Based on that those errors are fixed after which the software program is refreshed.

After fixing all kinds of errors, the performance of the software program is checked that what changes have happened in the performance of the software program before and after the error is fixed, and the program is developed according to the planning.

6. Maintenance.

Now this is the last phase of software development, in which after the software is launched among the users, the software is maintained, which means that the software is prepared according to the feedback of the users and over time the software is also upgraded. Overall software is maintained.

Languages used for software development

Till now we have acquired a lot of information related to software development but now we know in detail about which programming languages are used for software development –

1. Java.

If you are interested in the field of programming then you must know about Java. It is a very powerful and high level programming language. Java has a huge contribution in the software development field, so if you want to move ahead in the field of software development. If you want to progress then you must learn Java.

2. C++.

It is one of the most powerful programming languages. It is often used in the field of software development to develop software like Video Games, Operating System, Embedded System etc. Many big tech companies use it to improve their software.

3. Python.

It is a very popular encrypted programming language which is often used to develop software based on AI, Machine Learning. Python has a huge contribution in the field of software development, that is why if you are interested in software development then It is necessary to learn this.

4. C language.

If you are interested in the field of programming then you must know about C programming language because it is a general purpose programming language which is used to develop software like operating system, desktop applications.

5. PHP.

It is a Server Side programming language which means that it is executed on the Server i.e. Backend. It is used in various areas of software development, even big platforms like Facebook, WordPress also use it.

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