Wilson Hills attractions, waterfall – 10 BEST Places to Visit in Gujarat

Wilson Hills Gujarat is an important state of India, it is located in the western part of India. Wilson hills (hill station) is a very famous hill station here. If you are thinking of visiting Wilson Hills station & Madhavpur Beach in Gujarat, then before going you would definitely like to know all the information about this willson hills.

Wilson Hills
Wilson Hills

Here I am going to tell you all the details about Wilson Hills like how to go, what is worth seeing, how is the place and how will you reach there etc. So that you do not have to face any kind of trouble, then let us know.

About willson hills(wilson hills)

Know about Wilson Hills which is one of the special hill stations of Gujarat

Wilson (willson) Hills is a special hill station of Gujarat. It is located in Dharampur Tehsil near Valsad Surat in Gujarat. Wilson Hills is situated in a densely forested area. It is located near Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary. This hill station is one of those stations from where the sea can also be seen.

The construction work of willson Hills was started by Lord Wilson and Vijay Devji, the last king of Dharampur. Lord Wilson was the Governor of Mumbai and the hills have been named in his memory.

wilson hills gujarat
wilson hills gujarat

The average height of Wilson Hills is 750 meters (2,500 feet) above sea level. This hill station gives a pleasant feeling of calm and coolness in the summer days.

Here you will like the winding roads, hills covered with greenery, amazing view of clouds, waterfalls and fog in the rainy season.

By the way, Saputara Hill Station is also present some distance from this hill station and compared to Saputara, this hill station is small and it is also known as Mini Saputara. If you want to step by step experience a long based journey then this hill station is perfect places.

It is about 130 km from Surat city, about 120 km from Saputara place, about 250 km from Mumbai city, 80 km from Navsari city, 60 km from Valsad city, 485 km from Ahmedabad big city and 27 km from Dharampur city. Also There is a steep and very winding road about 20 km long.

Wilson Hills Things to do

places to visit in wilson hills
places to visit in wilson hills

There are many things to do in Wilson Hills where you can enjoy beautiful views of nature, visit beautiful areas and prime points. You can go for a picnic.

If you are a nature lover then you can also do photography and take beautiful photos. One can see the surrounding villages and their houses here. If you have a passion for adventure, then you can climb the willson hills.

surat to wilson hills
surat to wilson hills

You can enjoy pleasant weather and fog here during monsoon. When you reach the destination, you can start your journey to the main point of this hill.

Here the Barumal Temple, situated in the middle of the willson hills, is the main attraction of Wilson Hills. It will take you a total of 40 minutes to reach the top.

willson hills attractions

Among the special attractions in and around Wilson Hill Station, especially the Ozone Valley, Sunrise-Sunset Point, Marble Chhatri, Dharampur City, Wilson Hills Museum and Shankar Waterfall are the major points worth seeing.

Great, Here We have also shown Good wilson hill station best moment images.

1. Barumal Shiva Temple – This Shiva temple is a major tourist spot located along the road connecting Wilson Hills and Dharampur

ahmedabad to wilson hills
ahmedabad to wilson hills

2. District Science Center – Situated in Dharampur district, this center aims to educate people about the nature of willson Hills and the methods to be used to preserve the environment.

3. Lady Wilson Museum – willson Hills Museum also known as Lady Wilson Museum, here you can get information about history housing artifacts and antiquities.

4. Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls – Situated about 10 kms from Dharampur town, Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls also known as Mavli Mata Waterfalls is a very nice place to have a spectacular view. The waterfalls here when 30 ft and 20 ft. If the water falls at the height of the height, then the beauty of the waterfall is worth seeing.

5. Ozone Valley – This place is 0.5 km from the center of willson Hills. Here you can see the greenery of nature with your friends and family.

6. Sunrise Point – From this best Sunrise point you can see the sun rising from the middle of the Two hills, but for this you have to reach early in the morning time.

7. Sunset Point – From this point you can see a beautiful view of the setting sun from the middle of the hills and for this you will not need to reach early in the morning

wilson hills weather
wilson hills weather

8. Marble Chhatri- This point is at the top of Wilson Hills and from here you can see the real beauty of this hill and enjoy the beautiful views.

9. Shankar Jharna Point – People who are fond of waterfalls should not miss this point. Also This best waterfall is located about 6+ kilometers from willson Hills in gujarat. (wilson hill to shankar waterfall: 6 km)

wilson hill
wilson hill

willson Hills Best Time To Visit?

Hill stations are worth visiting during the summer because it is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of nature and the pleasant weather and Wilson Hill is a very good example of this.

There is hardly any better time to visit Wilson Hill than during the rainy season (July – September). In the time of monsoon, you get to see fog here and at that time you can enjoy the greenery of nature and the pleasant weather.

Wehre to Stay willson hills?

If you want to stay at wilson hills hotels, the only place to stay is wilson hill resort and restaurants. Wilson Hills Resort is located at Dharampur, Paigambari in Valsad district.

Also, there are some Huts where you can easy to stay. If you take your own food and drink, it would be better because here you may find lack of facilities.

How to Reach willson hills?

The best way to reach Wilson Hill Station is by road, if you have your own means then you can easily reach through wilson hill road.

You can travel to Wilson Hills by road and by air. There is no any other way to reach here by train platform, you have to go to Dharampur city by road.

To travel by road one has to go to Valsad town via NH 48 and later on State Highway GJ SH 181 which is 54 Kms away from GJ SH 181. Also Dharampur town is 25 Kms away from GJ SH 181. Also You can also go to Wilson Hills this best way.

Talking about the air route, first one has to reach Surat Airport (STV) which is 99 kilometers away. You can then drive along National Highway 48 or take buses to reach Wilson Hill.

Wilson Hills Map

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