Airtel Payment Bank Balance Check Number Via Missed Call & SMS Alert in 2024

Airtel Payments Bank Balance Check Via Missed Call & SMS Alert – Airtel Payments Bank is Digital India’s paperless banking service launched by Airtel post demonetisation. Airtel Payments Bank operates as a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel.

Full details of Airtel Payment Bank balance check

airtel payment bank balance check : Airtel Payments Bank is the first live payments bank in the country to be granted a payments bank license by the Reserve Bank of India. The license was issued to Airtel Payments Bank on 11 April 2016.

This outlet also acts as Airtel Banking Points and provides basic and convenient banking services. Airtel Payments Bank being a paperless bank offers bank account opening services, cash deposit and withdrawal facilities

Airtel Payments Bank operates in over 5000 towns and 400,000 villages.

Those who are Airtel customers can use the features of Airtel Payments Bank through their documents like PAN card, Aadhar card.

Airtel Payments Bank works like other private and government banks. However airtel payment bank balance check, it gives all kinds of loans/loans in other banks. Airtel Payments Bank does not provide any kind of loan only service.

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Why should you open an Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account?

airtel payment bank balance check : Seven Advantages of Opening an Airtel Payments Bank Account Like Simple, Secure, and Rewarding and many more.

Airtel Payments Bank provides various facilities to its customers.

Which is the following:

  1. You can open a savings account with Airtel Payments Bank using e-KYC. This is because no documents are required to open an account with Airtel Bank. Only Aadhar number is required.
  2. The Airtel mobile number of the customer is also his account number.
  3. Airtel Payments Bank offers an interest rate of 7.25% per annum on the amount available in the savings account.
  4. Airtel Payments Bank provides free money transfer service between airtel to airtel numbers.
  5. You can deposit maximum amount up to 1 lakh in Airtel Payments Bank.
  6. The website of Airtel Payments Bank is

How to open Airtel Payment bank account: All you need to know

How to open an account in Airtel Payments Bank? Which documents are required?

Any person who has an Aadhaar card, whether he is an Airtel customer or not, can open an account with Airtel Payments Bank.

To open an account in Airtel Bank, you can use any government-passed identity card such as Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card and your Airtel mobile number.

There are two ways customers can open an account in Airtel Payments Bank:

Go to Airtel outlet – airtel payment bank balance check

Customers who want to open savings account in Airtel Payments Bank can open account through Aadhaar based e-kyc.

For that you can go to your nearest Airtel retail outlet and ask the retailer to open your savings account. The retailer will open your account very simply and within a short span of time.

By My Airtel App – airtel payment bank balance check

You can also apply to open a savings account in Airtel Payments Bank through my airtel app. The my airtel app can be downloaded and installed from any platform either android or ios from google play store or app store.

  1. After installing, you open the app, go to the “payment bank” section, register for the airtel payment bank balance check and login again by setting your 4 digit password.
  2. After that clicking on the option of “bank”, click on saving account.
  3. Then enter your Aadhar card number and then enter your PAN card number and annual income details.
  4. After that fill the details of whoever you want to make a nominee in your account.
  5. You will get his message after registration.

How to use online Airtel balance enquiry service?

Customers who have savings account with Airtel Payments Bank and airtel payment bank balance check want to check their account balance, Airtel Bank customers can check their account balance with the help of USSD code or through my airtel app.

Airtel Payments Bank Balance Check Via USSD CODE

Balance check through missed call or SMS banking service is not available in Airtel Bank. You can check your account balance through USSD code.

Dial *400# (toll free number) from your registered airtel mobile number.

After dialing this number, you select option 7 which is My account.

After that you have to select option 1 to check balance and option 2 to go to mini statement. As soon as you select the option, your balance will appear on the screen of your mobile.

Airtel Payments Bank Balance Check Through Mobile Banking App

You can do Airtel Bank Balance Inquiry by downloading My Airtel App instead of Airtel Bank customer branch or ATM. For this airtel payment bank balance check, you will not have to fill any mobile banking registration form and can check your Airtel Bank balance online instantly.

  1. Download and install My Airtel App for Android or iPhone on the mobile number that is registered with your account.
  2. Select Airtel for Bank Account Registration.
  3. Generate Secure Banking PIN by entering your Debit Card number.
  4. After that enter your Banking PIN by selecting the option to Check Balance.
  5. Your airtel bank account balance will be displayed on the screen.
  6. Airtel Bank Balance Check You Can Do Anytime 24×7.

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