Best Website Designs – Trends, Tips, and Ideas

Nowadays, no profitable business can do without an eye-catching multifunctional website. It is not surprising because the digital space is developing rapidly, and more and more companies are conquering the online industry daily. This growing trend is undoubted because by working and expanding on the Internet, you count on a worldwide audience and therefore receive more income.

However, it is not so easy to achieve an excellent result because creating a web resource from scratch requires investments and effort. No wonder entrepreneurs often resort to ready-made IT solutions. Themes are an impressive solution for those who value their time and strive to make launching a page a piece of cake. What’s more, there are plenty of resources that provide impressive mockups at affordable prices. Check out the TemplateMonster collection of best design website templates and see for yourself. In the meantime, let’s figure out the features of the themes.

Why do users prefer website templates?

A template is ready-made HTML code with a well-developed structure and layout for pages. It is the easiest way to create your resource without the hassle. Don’t worry about being unique because all themes are fully editable. It means that by using convenient drag and drop editor, you easily change all the details and embody your ideas to get a top business website design. Moreover, each layout is prepared by reliable specialists, so they have a modern look and are equipped with cool widgets and features. It is necessary because it gives your page high performance and helps develop your business.

The main advantage of these ready-made solutions is the ability to launch a web project without the help of IT experts and studios. Thus, if creating a resource from scratch costs $1,000 or more, then the average price of an eye-catching theme is $50. The difference is palpable. So, by purchasing a template, you save a large amount of money and time. In addition, you are guaranteed to receive excellent resources and customer delight.

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In a nutshell, users prefer ready-made best website design for several reasons:

  • ease of use;
  • fully customizable;
  • responsive;
  • quick launch;
  • setting up SEO parameters;
  • flexibility;
  • modern, fresh look;
  • a large collection of products to choose from;
  • wide functionality.

What do you need to know to build the best website design?

Web experts often create such masterpieces that it seems almost impossible to repeat them. However, even wizards have secrets that even a beginner may learn with little effort. It is impossible to comprehend deep techniques and tricks in a short time, no matter how hard you try. However, some basic tips on website design have been helping developers create a WOW effect for years. At first glance, it seems that it does not matter, but the little things enable you to build a perfect digital product.

To your attention, a few subtleties to launch the best website design:

Context is important

Do you agree that receiving an invitation with comic text and funny pictures to a business meeting would be strange? It also applies to templates. The design should match the mood of the company for which it is intended. For example, it is better when the top business website design has an official look, emphasizing the company’s status.

Focus object

The focal point is the detail that the viewer pays attention to first. It may be a picture, lettering, or video that conveys the message and concept of the digital page. It is a great solution to hook the user and manage their attention on the page.


The basis of a high-quality project is the correct selection of fonts, colors, and sizes. By avoiding crotchety typography, professionals ensure that text is easily read without discomfort to the eyes. Fonts are better combined by the principle of contrast, for example, traditional with decorative, large with medium, etc. Moreover, there is a novelty in visual website designs that it is worth minimizing the amount of text content for a better perception.

Modularity or layout with rectangles

If you do not properly organize the space on the pages, a mess may arise, and then the attention of users is dispersed. Modern specialists widely use modules invented in the 20th century. It allows you to place text, pictures, or headings without occupying much space.

Color selection and contrast

Experts say that creating a palette of shades is a separate art form. Different colors (cold, warm, or pastel) help place accents. For example, developers choose a white or milky shade for minimalistic, elegant themes. As for the contrast, it is a cool trick that beckons like a magnet. The most unusual combinations are the most advantageous and help catch the eye. Read more about the art of contrast and see for yourself.

What are the new trends in website design?

Fashion changes every year and brings with it trends in website design. Therefore, when creating templates, developers try to include the latest innovations in their work. Moreover, they often transform and improve them for a unique result. Check out the novelties 2022 to choose the top-notch theme for you:

  • New minimalism. If you still think minimalism is the absence of animations and the predominance of light shades. 2022 broke this stereotype. Now specialists actively use combinations of bright colors and cool effects, adding more “air” to the page to create the best website design.
  • Serif fonts. Typography from old newspapers and magazines is returning and finding its way into the headings and text blocks of today’s resources. It looks classy and adds zest, especially for creative people’s portfolios.
  • All colors of nature. In 2022, the fashion for basic muted colors will prevail. The palette includes all shades of green, blue, and yellow. Moreover, photos of flowers or gardens are often used as the main images.
  • Smooth gradient. Transitions from one color to another have always been popular and delightful. Currently, it is widely used for the background and even individual elements. Read about how gradients are created to be in the loop.
  • 3D GIFs. Bright, flashy moving parts help to set accents and attract attention. The main advice is not to overdo it.
  • Blur effect. Don’t think that blurring an element puts it in the background. The latest layouts dispelled this myth. One of the efficient ways to emphasize any detail is blur and contrast.
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Best website design: bright examples 

Modern specialists are full of imagination and enthusiasm, so there are thousands of amazing resources on the Internet. They are distinguished by a well-thought-out structure, perfect look, and high-quality content. If you do not have enough inspiration to launch your digital page and can not choose a decent template, this collection is for you. Get design ideas website and create your masterpiece.



Want to see natural colors in action? FormTerra presents a winning combination of bright and muted shades of green. It is a great option for a team of landscape professionals or gardeners. In addition, the digital project has an excellent structure to conveniently place information about the company. MegaMenu provides navigation, and stylish icons lead to social networks. The resource is generally equipped with all the features to get a WOW effect.

Jardinier – stylish WordPress template


Live Demo  | Download | Hosting

If you appreciate the structure and want to get a similar one for your project, then WordPress templates come to the rescue. Pay attention to the Jardinier theme. The layout has an excellent color scheme and features for launching and developing the site. Try the demo and see for yourself!



What should be the site of an official organization providing assistance or offering services? Undoubtedly, it must inspire confidence and demonstrate reliability. Vitasenes copes with this task one hundred percent. Light and dark shades, smooth animations, high-quality images, and slight blurring. Everything ingenious is simple!

Commuz – elegant theme


Live Demo  | Download | Hosting

Are you still looking for the perfect layout to build a similar project for a digital corporation? Commuz is a great solution. It offers an amazing look and all the characteristics and tools for your business. Responsiveness, SEO optimization, and blog module are also included! Do not hesitate and get to work.

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Top 10 website design templates for your company

Currently, many companies on the Internet supply templates for various CMS from WordPress to Shopify. One of the leading marketplaces is TemplateMonster. The company offers a wide range of IT solutions and services and has an excellent reputation. Check out a collection of the best products available for your online company and choose the best one.

Webion Рmodern minimalistic theme 

Webion - modern minimalistic theme
Webion – modern minimalistic theme

Dolunay Рfresh WordPress template 

Dolunay - fresh WordPress template
Dolunay – fresh WordPress template

Bitbyte Рtrendy online company layout 

Bitbyte - trendy online company layout 
Bitbyte – trendy online company layout

Spectrum – stylish business design

Spectrum - stylish business design
Spectrum – stylish business design

Modicate Рchic design studio template 

Modicate - chic design studio template 
Modicate – chic design studio template

Yankee – bright online agency theme

Yankee - bright online agency theme
Yankee – bright online agency theme

Folio – responsive portfolio layout

Folio - responsive portfolio layout
Folio – responsive portfolio layout

Techlabs – amazing web page design

Techlabs - amazing web page design
Techlabs – amazing web page design

Archito – impressive interior agency mockup

Archito - impressive interior agency mockup
Archito – impressive interior agency mockup

Jessica Bennett – photographer web page theme

Jessica Bennett - photographer web page theme
Jessica Bennett – photographer web page theme

Wrapping up

To sum up, web design is developing at a crazy speed and is the subject of many users’ observation. In addition, every day, there are new trends causing delight. Experts actively use all the novelties in templates for future digital products. In turn, users try to find decent mockups to build a unique project for their company. If you are also looking for an impressive layout, consider the latest innovations and choose a smart solution from the collection. Do not hesitate and start your path to success right now!

Typography Trends 2022

A harmonious combination of fonts is a real art. Well-chosen options create a complete impressive picture. TemplateMonster YouTube channel offers a selection of top typography innovations that will add zest to your digital resource. Follow the link and enjoy watching!


Why should the best website design be responsive?

Responsiveness allows all template elements to be optimized for any screen size. It enables using the page from a smartphone and a laptop without experiencing inconvenience.

Do I need hosting to launch a digital resource with website templates?

Yes. Hosting is necessary for your page to be available to everyone on the Internet. Research information about reliable hosting providers and choose the appropriate option.

May pre-made themes be modified to include trends in website design?

Of course. Each layout is fully customizable, so you easily add cool fonts, elements, and widgets.

Are there tips on website design to make it unique?

There are a lot of cool tips like taking care of SEO, adding novelty and high-quality images, color selection, and adjusting contrasts. The most important trick is to put your soul into it and think outside the box when launching a website. Success guaranteed!