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This is a Best SEO Tools Guide, in which you will know which are the SEO tools with the help of which you can rank your website on the first page of Google. And at the same time, you can increase the traffic of your website many times.

But before telling about these SEO Tools, we need to know that what are these SEO tools?

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What Is SEO Tools?

SEO Tools These are such software or programs, which make your SEO work very easy. It is not that you cannot do this work without the help of these SEO tools.

You can absolutely do it but for that you will have to give a lot of hard work and time and you also know how important time is.

If you do this work manually, then the loss will be yours because the amount of time you give in doing all these work manually, then your competitor will overtake you.

That’s why I have brought for you these Best SEO Tools, with the help of which you can rank your website and blog in less time.

So let’s know about these SEO Tools…

Best SEO Tools List

Below you will find a list of many Best SEO Tools, some of which are free and some are paid, which you must use if you are new to blogging or you have a new website.

And your budget is a little less, so my advice would be that you first use Free SEO Tools. When you have experience, you can go to Paid seo tools.

1. Answer the Public:

This is a free seo tools which we use for Keyword Research and it is very Amazing SEO Tools.

With its help, you can do Keyword Research very easily for your website or blog.

In Answer The Public SEO Tools, you will find Intent-Based keywords of different types.

Like I took an On Page SEO Keyword here and I got these different types of keywords

  1. Questions Based Keywords
  2. Prepositions Base Keywords
  3. Comparisons Base Keywords
  4. Alphabetical Base Keywords
  5. Related Keywords

And the best thing about Answer The Public SEO Tools is that apart from the Graphical View, you can easily download all types of keywords in CSV Format in One Click.

2. Google Keyword Tool:

You can do Keyword Research 2 times daily for free with the help of Google Keyword Tool. It takes the help of Google Autocomplete to do keyword research.

If you do not know what Google Autocomplete is, then definitely read my Keyword Research blog.

In Google Keyword Tool, you will get at least 250 Important Keyword suggestions at one go.

You will find here a list of the 10 most unique words that come up with keywords very frequently and repeatedly.

You can find very useful LSI Keyword for your blog with the help of Google Keyword Tool.

3. Soovle:

This is a very Amazing SEO Tools, with the help of which you can do Trending and Potential Keyword Research of many search engines or websites in one place.

here to you

  • Amazon Search
  • Bing
  • Google Autocomplete
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo Search
  • YouTube

You can see in the video below.

Like all the trending keywords of Search Engine, you will easily get them, which you can use according to yourself.

If you run YouTube, then you can do Keyword Research for your video from here.

Or if you have an eCommerce website, then you can select keywords with Amazon.

4. Google Trends:

This is a product of Google itself, with the help of this you can do Trending Topic Search, it gives you the facility to search country vise keywords.

If you run a YouTube channel, or do blogging, then this SEO tool is very useful for you. As in the image you will be seeing many Trending Topics.

You can make a video on it or write a blog by selecting Topic according to your Blog or Niche from them.

Here you can see with the help of Year in Search option, which keywords have been searched the most in that particular year.

As you must be seeing Trending Topics in the year 2019 in the image.

Here if you search with a particular keyword, then you get a lot of things and useful data.


Interest over time: In this, you will see the data in the form of a graph which tells what is the popularity of this keyword over the year.

Interest by subregion: From this option you will know that what is the popularity of that Keyword in your country. This popularity is between 0 to 100. If it is 0, it means that it is not a Popular Keyword at all. And if it is 100 then it means more Poplar Keyword.

Related topics and Related queries: In this you will know which topics related to this keyword are trending. And what other queries are trades related to that topic.

5. Google Keyword Planner:

If you want to do Keyword Research for your website or blog. So Google Keyword Planner seo tools can help you a lot, you can find Keyword for yourself very easily with this.

If you do not have an account in Google Keyword Planner yet and also you want to know how you can do keyword research with the help of Google Keyword Planner, then definitely watch this video of mine given below.

For more information about Keyword Research Tools, you can read our Keyword Research.

Now we will talk about some such SEO Tools that will help you in on page off page and technical SEO of your website.

6. SEO Minion:

This is an extension that you will get absolutely free for Google, Mozilla, which you can install very easily.

With the help of this SEO Minion Tools, you can do many things. Especially your On-Page SEO and your website’s health is very useful in checking.

You can check the following things from SEO Minion Tools.

  • Analyze On-Page SEO
  • Highlight All Links
  • Check Broken Links
  • Hreflang Checker
  • SERP Preview
  • Google Search Location Simulator

7. SEO Meta in 1 Click:

This is an SEO Meta in 1 Click Extension which is very important for you. If you had not used it till now, then you must use it now.

Because with the help of this tool, you can easily do site audit of any website. In this you get many options.

You can do the following work with the help of SEO Meta in 1 Click.

  • Summary
  • headers
  • Images
  • Links
  • social
  • tools

And in all these options, you will also get sub-options, with the help of which you can complete your work.

8. MozBar:

This is an extension of Moz, with the help of which you can get DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) Spam Score and how many backlinks any website has. You can see all these things in one place.

Along with this, you can do many other things by using Moz Website such as…

  • keyword explorer
  • link explorer
  • My Online Presence
  • Free Domain Analysis
  • Free Location Audit

You know that you can use all this absolutely free. If I talk about myself, then I personally use both MozBar and Moz Website a lot. This is the best SEO Tool of Best SEO Tools so far.

By using the paid version of MozBar, you can use even more features of Moz.

9. WooRank:

This is also one of the Google Extension and Best SEO tools. You can do full analysis of your website with the help of WooRank. What is lacking in your website.

Or in other words, you can audit any website with the help of WooRank SEO Tools.

In this also you will get many options, with the help of which you can find many issues of your website. And you can also correct them at the same time.

10. Find Broken Links:

Broken links can be very harmful for any website. So if you want to rank in Search Engine. So your website should not have any backlinks.

There are many Backlinks in your website, now if you go to check each and every backlinks then you will take a lot of time. And if your website has become somewhat old. And you have put too many posts in it, so maybe it will not be possible to check each and every link.

That’s why you can check Broken links in any website by using this Tool check my Links and instead of that you can replace it and put any new liks.

11. SEMRush:

People generally use this SEO Tool for Keyword Research, because they do not know much about its features.

But do not take tension, if you are reading this blog of mine, then I will tell you about all the features of SEMRush.

So first of all this is not just a Keyword Research Tool. This is a Full SEO Checker Suite or that tool. With the help of this, you can do the following things on your website.

  • Keyword research
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlinks Checker
  • Keyword research magic tools
  • Content and Article Gap
  • Content Writing Assistant
  • Trending Topic Search
  • Domain Research etc.

What do you think, so many features are less, then wait, not only this, you can do many other things inside it.

Note: This is Paid Tools, but you can do your work by taking its 7 days free trial. If you find these tools useful then take Paid or else cancel the subscription.

12. Ahrefs:

Now when there is talk of Paid SEO Tools and there is no talk of Ahrefs SEO Tools, then this cannot happen. I am saying this because till now it is one of the best SEO Tools which I personally use.

Like SEMrush, many people have misunderstood that it is just a keywords research tool. So not at all, it is not just a Keyword Research Tool but a Full SEO Tools. With the help of which you can do all your SEO work with the help of only one tool.

So now you must be thinking that what else Ahrefs SEO Tools does then let’s see.

  • Site Explorer: You can do many things inside the site explorer which you can see in this image.
  • Keywords explorer: From inside this option, you can do a perfect keyword research for yourself.
  • Content explore: If you have to write a blog or make a video on any topic, then Content explorer will bring you Content Idea so that you can write a good blog for your website. Or you can make videos of your YouTube channel.

Note: Ahrefs SEO Tools is Paid Tools, but you can do your work by taking its 7 days free trial. If you find these tools useful then go to Paid, I personally use this tool.

13. smallseotables:

If you have not used smallseotables yet, then believe me, you have not used a very good SEO tool yet.

You can also do a lot of SEO and Non SEO Relative Work with the help of smallseotables. This is a very powerful tool which gives you the following options.

Text Content Tools: In this option you will get different-different options to write your blog and check usage.

  1. Article Rewriter
  2. Grammar Check
  3. Plagiarism Checker
  4. count words or characters
  5. word counter

Keywords Tools: Here you will find many options related to Keyword and Keyword which you can use. This will be very useful for you.

  1. Keyword Competition Tool
  2. Keyword Difficulty Checker
  3. Keyword Overview Tool
  4. Keyword Position
  5. Keyword Research Tool
  6. Keyword Suggestions Tool
  7. Keywords Density Checker
  8. Live Keyword Analyzer
  9. Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool
  10. Paid Keyword Finder
  11. Related Keywords Finder
  12. SEO Keyword Competition Analysis
  13. keywords Rich Domains Suggestions Tool

3. BackLink Tools: Inside this option you will find many tools with the help of which you can check backlinks of any website.

  • Anchor Text Distribution
  • Backlink Maker
  • Backlinks Competitors
  • Broken Backlink Checker
  • Link Price Calculator
  • Reciprocal Link Checker
  • Website Backlink Checker
  • Website Broken Link Checker
  • Website Link Analyzer Tool
  • Website Link Count Checker

4. Website Management Tools: If you want to rank your website and bring traffic, then this tool will help you. And also you will get many more options in it.

  • Adsense Calculator
  • Get HTTP Headers
  • Google Pagerank Checker
  • Minify CSS, HTML, JS
  • Mobile Friendly Test
  • Online Ping Website Tool
  • Page Size Checker
  • Page Speed ​​Test
  • Robots.txt Generator
  • URL Encoder Decoder
  • URL Opener
  • URL Rewriting Tool
  • URL Shortener
  • Website Hit Counter
  • Website Page Snooper
  • Website SEO Score Checker
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • htaccess redirect generator
  • website checker

Not only this, you can do a lot more with the help of this smallseotables. For more information visit the website of smallseotables

OK, now we will talk about some such tools which are very essential for any website.

14. Google Search Console:

We also know it by the name of GSC. When you create a website of yours and write some blog in it, or create a webpage. If you have an e-commerce website, then you will add some products to it.

But if you do not submit your website to Google Search Console, then it will take a lot of time for your website to be crawled. And it may be that many times you do not have a website crawl.

Because Google has many billion URLs daily, so if you do not submit your website to Google Search Console, then there can be a lot of problem for you.

Google Search Console not only gives you the facility to crawl your website, but you can do much more in it such as.

  1. Coverage
  2. Legacy Tools and Reports
  3. Links
  4. Mobile Usability
  5. Performance
  6. Removals
  7. Security & Manual actions
  8. Settings
  9. Sitemaps
  10. Speed ​​(Experimental)
  11. URL Inspection
  12. Unparsable structured data

See what else you can do.

Note: The main job of Google Search Console is that if any error or any technical issue is coming in your website. So it notifies you so that you can use it correctly.

15. Google Analytics:

I know that you must have heard the name of Google Analytics before or that GA has also been heard. So this is a very useful SEO tool. And you might not know. So let me tell you that this is the most used tool in the whole world. Which is absolutely free of cast by Google.

Ok, now let’s talk about why Google Analytics is so important for you. And what else can we do with its help.

Google Analytics gives you many facilities, using which you can improve the ranking of your website. You can know the Behavior of your Audience. Goal can be defined. Can set target and much more. which is given below.

  • Conversion
  • Acquisition
  • Admin Panel
  • Attribution
  • Audience
  • Behavior
  • Customization
  • Discovery
  • Real Time

So you can do so much with the help of Google Analytics as well as many more options are available inside it, with the help of which you can generate the report of your every work.

Note: The main function of Google Analytics is to understand your users behavior and give you its report so that you can use it to understand your audience.

16. Google Tag Manager:

As the name suggests, this is a product of Google, and secondly it works to manage some tags.

But if we say that it manages only a few tags, then no it has many other functions. In fact, it works to manage the entire website.

With the help of Google Tag Manager, you can manage all the Tags and Code used in your website from one place.

If you use Google Tag Manager, then it has many advantages, of which I tell some here.

You can keep all your codes in one place and manage them.
If you keep all your codes in Google Tag Manager, then there will be no issue related to any code in your website.
Website speed will increase
You can set Goal in your website.
You can connect all Google Tools to Google Tag Manager.
There are many more things that you can do with the help of Google Tag Manager which are as follows

  • Overview
  • Tags
  • Templates
  • Variables
  • folders
  • triggers


This is an extension that you will find very easily for Google Chrome and it is a very useful SEO tool for you.

Like if you check in Daily Base that what is the ranking of your Keyword. Which position is he in? So with the help of FATRANK, you can easily check your Keyword Ranking and Position.

18. Yoast SEO:

If you are learning SEO, or you know a little bit of SEO, then you must know about Yoast SEO Tools. I know this is a Plugin but it is very important for you to know it well.

You can do a lot of work simultaneously with the help of Yoast SEO. That is why I have placed it in the category of SEO Tools.

Yoast SEO helps you to do On-Page SEO of any website. With the help of this, you can do both on-page SEO and Readability in your website very easily and well.

Not only this, with the help of this you can verify your Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, Yandu and also Webmaster.

You can also generate a site map of your website quite easily with the help of Yoast.

For this, there is no need for you to generate Sitemap separately again and again.

19. Rank Math:

This is an SEO Tools or should we say WordPress Plugin, with the help of which you can do SEO of your website very easily. Rank Math provides all the features you get in Yoast.

Along with that, it also provides some advanced features to you, which makes it different from other free SEO Tools.

You can optimize it by putting 5 keywords on a blog or webpage. Which if you use Yoast, then you will get it in Paid Tools.

20. SEOquake:

This is also an SEO Tools as well as Extension, which you can install and use in Google Chrome for absolutely free.

If you have to do Keyword Analysis of your competitor or that or to check the score of any domain, then these tools will help you a lot.

In this you get the following options.

  • Compare URLs
  • Internal and External links
  • Keyword density
  • On-page SEO audit

And at the same time, you will get to see many more Stats in it because there is a collection of many tools in it.


All the tools I have told you here are Tested Tools. I personally use all these tools as per my requirement.

If you also want to rank your website on the first page of Google and want to bring maximum traffic, then these SEO Tools will help you a lot.

If you have not read my old post yet, then you can read it by clicking on the link given below.

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