SEO tutorial – What Is SEO & Why Is It Important? – The Ultimate SEO Tutorial For 2024

SEO tutorial, What is SEO?, Why is SEO important? Often people have this question in their mind, today in “SEO tutorial” blog you are going to give complete information about these questions and after today this question will never come in your mind. What is SEO? Why is SEO important?

Do you also have a blog / website, and you work very hard, even after writing quality content, your blog does not rank in the search engine, do you know why this happens? SEO is the only reason for your blog posts not coming in the first page of Google even after all your hard work.

Do you also want your CMS blog / any types of the website to rank on the first page of Google Search Engine, more and more visitors read your blog article, and organic traffic comes to your blog / website in SEO tutorial, do you also want to make your blog a source of income?, why is SEO important? and Do you also want to know what is SEO?

So don’t be discouraged,Tarang Blog is with you, we will teach you what is SEO? And why is SEO important? How does SEO work? And many more in this article of our SEO.

Then you will not need to watch other blogs or videos.

SEO tutorial for Beginners – What is SEO : A Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization

SEO tutorial
SEO tutorial

Great, Now you are going to all things to know what is SEO? Please Read carefully as well as step by step understand.

  • SEO is used to rank any article or blog post in the search engine,
  • SEO is a process to rank any website in the SERP (Search Engine Results pages) of the search engine.

SEO tutorial – Consider if you are visiting rajkot city for the first time and you do not know which is the best restaurant here?, then you search in Google (Search Engine) “best restaurant in Rajkot”.

It is understandable that there are many restaurants in Rajkot, but only 10-12 results will be visible in front of you on the first page of Google and those are the top 3 results, you will also visit the same, due to the top 3 results SEO. It is on Top 3.

Now you must be understanding what is SEO? and SEO tutorial.

SEO is such a technique by which you can bring quality traffic to your website for free through organic medium.

Quality traffic – Quality traffic means you will get the same visitors for whom you have written your post, and that will increase the growth of your website/blog.

What is the full form of SEO? – SEO tutorial

Full Form of SEO : The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Why is SEO important?

SEO tutorial – From the all important steps given below, you will understand step by step why SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is important.

  1. SEO is necessary to bring your post to SERP (Search Engine Results pages) in Google search.
  2. Any relevant keyword can be ranked by SEO without money.
  3. If you do any business and want more and more Clients / Customers / Leads to come to you, then
  4. it is necessary to do SEO.
  5. To increase domain authority / page authority, only search engine optimization (SEO) is used.
  6. If you want organic traffic, then it is very important to do SEO for that too.

Here some research has been told to you so that you will understand why SEO is important:

According to research, the number of Internet users in India is going to be 974.86 million by 2025. Right now there are 600 million blogs in 2020 and more than 1.4 million people post daily, and if you want your website or blog to be at the forefront of the crowd of millions of people, then it is very important to do SEO.

Importance of SEO and why is SEO important? (SEO tutorial) After knowing, you will be curious to know how SEO works, so friends, let us know that how does SEO reduce?

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How does SEO work?

Before understanding how SEO works, what is a search engine, how it works and what type of content the search engine shows on the top position in SERP (Search engine results pages), so here we have to understand Google (Search Engine) ) to understand.

Also other some search engines work in a equally way. Once you understand this way, then what is SEO (SEO tutorial)?, You will understand simply.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is a type of computer program, through which we can search for any information.

Whenever you search in some Search Engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo), Search Engines through their computer program search for accurate information related to it and deliver it to you in a listed manner.

Like in the above example “best restaurant in rajkot” we search in google and google shows us many results in our device.

Google, Bing, Yahoo ext. There are many search engine programs through which we can search any information.

Google is a search engine, which is used the most in SEO tutorial.

How Search Engine Works?

According to its algorithm, Google crawls the website through its crawler / spider / bots (a kind of computer programs), so that it can know what the web page is about and where to show the given information?

The crawler goes from one website to another through the link. (If you want to get your website crawled quickly, then you can submit your website in Google search console.)

After crawling, Google’s indexer indexes the website in its main server and when the user does any query, then Google shows the result according to its ranking algorithm.

Ranking Algorithm depends on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and only through SEO we can show our website on top in SERP (Search engine results pages).

Now we have known that how any search engine works?, to rank your website or blog in any search engine, now you have to understand SEO. Stay tuned till the end, we will also tell you how to become an SEO expert?

What is SEO? To understand (SEO tutorial) it is very important for you to understand these two factors “Keyword research” and “SEO” itself.

Let us now know what is Keyword Research, but before that we have to understand what is keyword? After understanding this, what is SEO? (SEO tutorial) will be easily understood.

What is Keyword?

The word or sentence giving instructions to the search engine is called the keyword, or the query searched by typing in the search engine is called the keyword, according to the above example “best restaurant in rajkot” is the keyword.

Keyword Research

According to your website, you have to do keyword research on which you can rank your website, there are many tools available through which you can do Keyword Research.

Types of SEO

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

What is On-page SEO?

What is On-page SEO? You will understand this easily, as you are reading our blog post right now, then the process by which this blog post has been written and the process by which it has been made SEO friendly, the same process is called On-page SEO in SEO tutorial.

Optimizing the content of a page of a website/blog or the entire website in such a way that it is eligible for both Search Engines and Users, is called On-Page SEO in SEO tutorial.

Why is On Page SEO Important?

On-page SEO is very important to rank any website or blog post. On-page SEO is necessary to make website/blog post user and search engine friendly in. SEO tutorial.

It is only through on-page SEO that Google or any other search engine gets to know, on which keyword your article has been written, and how valuable is this content for the user?

Now you must have understood why On-page SEO is important in SEO tutorial.

How to do On-page SEO? – SEO tutorial

To do on-page SEO, we have to follow some factors, here are some points, so that you will understand and will be able to do on-page SEO of your website or blog. Let us know all those points in our article SEO tutorial.


The content of your blog / website should be written according to the user, write such content that the reader will like and get maximum value.

At least 600 words of content must be written and also make sure that your content will satisfy the reader or not.

title tag

Write the title of your article / blog post as best as it can attract the user and the user will read your article by clicking on it, also put your Main Focus Keyword (the keyword on which you want to rank) in the title of the article. .


Permalink is the URL of the Post/Page, try to include the Focus Keyword in the URL of the post and the URL of the post should be short and simple.

H1, H2, H3 Tag

Your article must have an H1 tag, then use H2, H3 tags for other headings. Make sure to use the focus keyword in the headings.

Image alt text

Use images in your article, and keep the size of the images small so that the image can be loaded quickly while loading. Make sure to use alt text in the image, it will be beneficial in your ranking.


Write the Main Keyword in URL, Meta description, Title, Sub-headings, Image Alt-text and Content, and use the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword in the article, and make the main keyword bold.

Internal link and External link

SEO tutorial : – Use Internal and External Link / Outbound Link to rank your blog post.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density means that what is the density of the focus keyword in your article, that is, how many times has the focus keyword been used? After counting the words of your entire article, you should use your Focus Keyword in the entire article 0.5% times.

You can go to to count the words of your article in SEO tutorial.

Hope you understand what is On-page SEO?, and this information must have been helpful to you, let us now what is Off-page SEO? in SEO tutorial.

What is Off-page SEO?

As work is done on the website in On-Page SEO, in Off-page SEO the work that is done for the ranking of the website outside the website is called Off-page SEO i.e. all the techniques of SEO in Off-page SEO. outside the website.

Why is off-page SEO important?

Off-page SEO plays an important role in ranking any website, and if you want your website to rank on the first page of Google, then it is very important to do off-page SEO.

In Off-page SEO, when you get more quality links on your website, then the crawler of Google is able to find your website quickly, as well as it feels that your content is better and useful, which increases the ranking of your website.

How to do Off-page SEO?

Doing off-page SEO is a bit tricky and technical SEO tutorial.

Off-page SEO has two important parts:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Social Signals


Backlinks means multiple linking from one blog or website to another website or blog.

For example, suppose an website has given a link to your website in one of its posts / articles, then it means that website has given backlink to your website.

Creating backlinks is very important in SEO, there are many ways to create backlinks such as guest posting, blog commenting, directory submission, bookmarking, etc. But not all methods are right, if you believe in good bloggers and SEO experts, then you should take / create backlinks only from your relevant websites.

Backlinks made from unnecessary and bad sites can also harm your website / blog.

Apart from this, while creating backlinks, also pay attention to the domain authority, spam score, relative website.

If the website you are linking to and the quality of that website is not good, then the ranking of your website can be affected badly.

Types of Backlinks

  1. Do Follow Backlinks: This type of Backlinks tells Google that the link of your given website should be followed and it plays an important role in Ranking.
  2. No Follow Backlinks: These types of backlinks do not provide much convenience in ranking.

Social Signals

Social signals mean engagement of your website on social media platforms and interest in your website on social media in people.


In today’s time every person uses social media platform and learns many things and shares ideas so if your website is shared by people on social media platform, people like to share it with each other. So it is a good Ranking Factor for Google or other Search Engines.

Effect of social signals on ranking?

As I mentioned above, when people are sharing your content on social media, then it is obvious that they have liked it a lot, it is very useful and want to share this information with others by sharing it on social media.

Google also understands the same thing and by looking at the engagement of your blog / website in social media, it provides convenience in ranking.

Friends, what is you off-page SEO now? You must have understood and now what is Technical SEO? know. I hope you are learning very interesting information from our article SEO tutorial.

What is Technical SEO?

Beginners do not know about Technical SEO, but today we want to tell you that Technical SEO is an important part of SEO, in which attention is paid to some technical parts of your website, although Technical SEO, On-page SEO That’s the part.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

Technical SEO also plays an important role in the ranking of your website and it would be our big mistake to consider it less than On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Because it includes the technical parts of your website and technical SEO is completely for the website only.

How to do Technical SEO?

Now we are going to tell you some such points of Technical SEO, after doing which the technical part of your website will be perfect.

Mobile Friendly Website

Keep in mind that your website should be mobile friendly and can be seen and run well on every mobile device, so that the mobile user can also read your website well.

XML Sitemap

For some people this term will be new, but remember, it is very important for the website, so if your website is new, then submit the XML sitemap of your website for it and also submit it to Google Search Console.

Page speed

Sometimes the visitor goes to someone else’s website while coming to your website because of not correct page speed because it takes a lot of time for your website to open completely and this makes a difference on the ranking of your website. So the speed of your website should be good, you can check the speed of your website on “Google Page Speed“.

Robots.txt File

This is a type of file in which it is told that the crawlers of Google have to index which page / post of the website and which one should not.

Using Https (SSL Certificate)

If you want your website to be secure, then you have to convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS, for that you will need SSL Certificate, which you also get for free.

Site Architecture

The design of your website should be good, the more people will like your website, the more they will like to come to your website.

Here some such important points of Technical SEO were told, so that you must have understood what is Technical SEO? You must follow all these points.

I hope you are able to understand SEO tutorial from this article of ours.

What is Local SEO?

Do you also have the same question in your mind, what is Local SEO, how to do Local SEO, so today we will also remove your question that what is Local SEO?

Local SEO is done for the local businesses of the local area.

Suppose you have a hair salon and you want that whenever people around you search for the best salon for your city on Google, then your website should come to the top and from there it reaches you after contacting you, then you have to do Local SEO for that. Will have to do

According to the above example, when you search “best restaurant in rajkot” in the search engine, then due to Local SEO, such results show with which you can contact and reach there.

Local SEO is done for a limited area and targeted people, for Local SEO, you have to optimize it well by creating an account on Google My Business.

Google my Business is a free tool through which you can list your business on Google and come on top by doing Local SEO.

Friends, now you must have understood very well what is Local SEO? Let’s continue this article of SEO tutorial.

What is SEM? & SEO tutorial

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): The process adopted by the Paid Method to bring your website to the top of the search engine is called Search Engine Marketing.

Suppose if you want to sell a product, then it may take time for you to get organic traffic through SEO, then you can bring traffic to your website through Search Engine Marketing and sell your product easily.

In search engine marketing, Google Ads campaigns are run by Google Ads and after that your website / article / blog starts ranking in the top of the first page of Google.

Difference between SEO and SEM – SEO tutorial

Organic traffic comes to your website by SEO without paying Google. Google has to pay for the Targeted Traffic lane on your website through SEM.
It takes time for SEO to bring traffic to the website. SEM can bring immediate traffic to your website.

Is SEO Too Hard to Do?

Friends, this question is in the mind of everyone, who has just started blogging, who has just come across SEO, then we want to tell you that SEO is not difficult at all. SEO is very easy to do, everyone can do SEO, you just have to learn a lot and practice a lot.

How to become an SEO expert?

Friends SEO tutorial, becoming an SEO expert is not a rocket science, the easiest way for that is that first of all you should know what is SEO? And why is SEO important? When you will know this well, understand SEO, then the more you practice SEO, the more you work on SEO, you will become an SEO expert.

Now you must have understood well from our article SEO tutorial, what is SEO? And why is SEO important? What are the types of SEO?.

Hope you have liked this information and you will never search anywhere what is SEO?, how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? AND Why SEO is important? That is, SEO tutorial.

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