Biodata Format for Jobs, Freshers, Teachers, Marriage – 2024

Learn how to create biodata on mobile for various purposes such as job applications, marriage, and more. Follow step-by-step guides and tips for crafting a comprehensive biodata that highlights your qualifications and increases your chances of success.

Biodata – Hello friends, welcome to the new teaching of pakainfo blog. Today I am going to give you complete information about how to make biodata in mobile.

Friends, if there is talk for a relationship in your house, then first of all the biodata of the boy or girl is asked.

You know why this happens, the main reason for asking for Biodata is to know about the basic information of the family boy or girl at a glance.

Biodata Format for Marriage & Job

Biodata Format for Jobs, Freshers
Biodata Format for Jobs, Freshers

Through the bio-data, the family members can find out how much the boy or girl is educated, what is the age, what is the color and what is their zodiac sign etc.

On the basis of these basic things, he decides whether the matter of the relationship should be taken forward or not.

In the olden times, the biodata of the boy or girl used to be taken with the new one. He had a paper and a photo of the boy.

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On the basis of that letter and photo, he used to get the relationship done.

But now the time has changed, now people use digital biodata.

People make their resume digitally with the help of cafe, laptop or computer.

There are many applications available these days, in which you have to fill your basic information and in a few seconds the resume is ready.

Don’t worry, if you do not have a computer or laptop, then how you can extract biodata from mobile, it will be known in today’s post.

So, stay this post till the last, you are going to get quality information.

How to make resume from website in mobile?

So Guys, now I am going to give you a step by step guide so that you can create your resume from your browser in your phone.

  • 1) First of all you have to open your phone Chrome browser.
  • 2) You have to type Biodata Maker in Chrome, the official website will come in front of you. You have to open it.
  • 3) Now you have to come down a bit. You will find Bio-data maker written here.
  • 4) Below this you will get the option, from where you can select the language of your Biodata.
  • 5) After selecting the language, you will get some basic information like –
  • Name, Father Name, Father Occupation, Mother Name, Mother Occupation, Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time Birth are to be filled.
  • 6) After this, you have to fill the information of Mobile Number, Email, Address, Caste, Gotra and Language.
  • 7) Then it will ask for your Height, Weight, Complexion and Habit information.
  • 8) In the final step, you have to fill the details of Qualification, Occupation, Skills and Hobbies.
  • 9) In the last you have to write about your latest photo and About Myself.

so Guys Your resume template is ready.

Biodata Format - 2
Biodata Format – 2

How to choose the desired format and print it?

  • Friends, when your resume template is ready, after that you will get 6 options.
  • From which you can choose your favorite format.
  • After choosing your preferred format, you have to click on it.
  • Your format will be ready by default and select the printer from the option of Print and print it.
  • If you are not able to print then save it in any folder inside the phone.
  • Get it printed when needed or you can also share the resume through WhatsApp.
Biodata Format - 3
Biodata Format – 3

How to create resume from mobile app?

  • 1) First of all you have to go to Playstore and install Biodata Maker For Marriage.
  • 2) And then this you have to simply second step to open the mobile App. You will see the first option Create Bio Data, click on it.
  • 3) Now you will go to the profile option, here you will see the + button.
  • 4) You have to click on + and write your name and click on pencil.
  • 5) You will come to the new page. Here you have to fill your complete details like – name, father’s name, mother’s name, occupation, photo, height, weight and click on save.
  • 5) On the next page, you will see the option of Field Selection.
  • Uncheck any field that you do not want to include in the resume.
  • 6) Now you have to click on next. Here you will get 6 options for formatting of resume.
  • 7) Select whatever format you want to keep and click on save.
  • 8) Your resume is ready to rock.
Biodata Format - 4
Biodata Format – 4

How to Write a Biodata for Job?

When writing a biodata for a job, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Start with a clear objective or summary statement: This should be a brief statement that highlights your career goals and the skills or experiences that make you a good fit for the job.
  • Focus on relevant information: Include information that is relevant to the job you are applying for, such as your education, work experience, and skills.
  • Be concise: Keep the biodata short and to the point, highlighting only the most important details.
  • Use bullet points: Use bullet points to make it easier for the hiring manager to quickly scan your biodata.
  • Highlight your achievements: Focus on your achievements and accomplishments rather than just listing your responsibilities in previous jobs.
  • Customize for each job: Tailor your biodata to each job you apply for, emphasizing the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position.
  • Use a professional tone: Use a professional tone and language throughout your biodata, avoiding slang or casual language.
  • Proofread carefully: Make sure to proofread your biodata carefully for spelling and grammar errors, and have someone else review it as well to catch any mistakes you may have missed.

By following these tips, you can create a well-crafted biodata that highlights your qualifications and increases your chances of landing the job you want.

How to make resume by hand?

Friends, if you have neither phone nor money to go to the cafe, then how will you be able to make your marriage resume, I have a solution for that too.

  1. You have to take a white A4 size paper and make a design on the boundary.
  2. In the top you have to write Heading, Resume.
  3. After that you have to fill your basic information step by step.
  4. Such as – name, mother’s name, father’s name, occupation, caste, gotra, height, weight, complexation, age, siblings, education and About Us.
  5. You have to paste a beautiful photo of yourself in the right hand side.
  6. thats it your resume is ready.
Biodata Format - 5
Biodata Format – 5

Where is the resume given?

Friends, when the age of the boy and the girl becomes eligible for marriage. After that the family members of the boy and the girl search for the relationship.

When they get information about any relationship, then Biodata is given to give basic information of boy and girl.

Where to go in simple words, Biodata is given to provide information of boy and girl at the beginning of a marriage relationship.

Biodata Format - 6
Biodata Format – 6

Which Biodata is good Mobile Vs Handmade?


Friends, if you create a resume with the help of mobile, then inside it you are computerized words, whose font you choose yourself.

  • This type of Biodata is Attractive and Attractive.
  • We use Paper and Pens inside hand made Biodata which is normal in appearance.
  • Talking about today’s time, if you make a resume from a mobile phone, then it looks more professional.

biodata format – how to make resume in mobile?

Friends, hope you have liked the article on how to make biodata in mobile today.

  • I have tried to tell you all possible ways so that you can easily prepare and send Biodata in 5 to 7 minutes.
  • There is a lot of variety in the app that I have told you today, so that you can also format your resume.
  • That’s why you should take advantage of this app from today itself and create a resume for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Hope you liked today’s post.

how to make marriage biodata in mobile?

  • Choose Platform: Pick a text editing app or download a marriage biodata app.
  • Collect Info: Gather personal, educational, and family details.
  • Create Sections: Organize into Personal, Education, Family, Hobbies, and Preferences.
  • Input Data: Fill in the information.
  • Add Photo: If possible, include a clear photo.
  • Format: Use bullet points and headers for clarity.
  • Review: Check for errors and edit.
  • Save/Share: Save on your device or share directly.
  • Update: Keep it current with any changes.

Biodata format

Here’s a basic format for a biodata:

Personal Information:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Marital status

Educational Qualification:

  • Degree/certification
  • Institution name and location
  • Year of passing
  • Percentage/CGPA

Work Experience:

  • Company name and location
  • Designation
  • Tenure of employment
  • Job responsibilities and achievements

Skills and Abilities:

  • Language proficiency
  • Computer skills
  • Other relevant skills

Interests and Hobbies:

  • Any interests or hobbies that showcase your personality


  • Name and designation of at least two professional references


  1. Keep the biodata concise and limit it to one or two pages.
  2. Use bullet points to highlight key information.
  3. Customize the biodata for the specific job or opportunity you are applying for.
  4. Use a clear and legible font and formatting to make it easy to read.


In conclusion, creating a biodata, whether for job applications, marriage, or any other purpose, is essential for providing a snapshot of your personal and professional background. With the advancements in technology, making a biodata has become more accessible, whether through online platforms, mobile applications, or even by hand. Regardless of the method chosen, it’s crucial to ensure that the biodata is well-organized, concise, and tailored to the specific purpose it serves. By following the outlined steps and tips, individuals can effectively craft a biodata that highlights their qualifications and increases their chances of success in their desired endeavors.

FAQ – Biodata

Q1) How do I write a bio for my marriage?

Ans- Friends, if you want to write your marriage resume with your own hands, then you must keep some elements.

First of all you should write your name, father’s name, mother’s name, occupation, height, weight, color, birthday, gotra and about yourself.

Q2) How can I make my marriage biodata for free?

Ans – Friends, there are many applications and websites available on the internet from where you can create your marriage resume.

Q3) What is marriage biodata?

Ans – Marriage Biodata means to find out basic or complete information about them without seeing each other’s family and without seeing the boy or girl.

This is the first step in joining a relationship, many relationships are made and deteriorated by this.

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