what is shopify? – Everything You Need to Know About shopify themes, Best pricing, app in 2024

Hello Friends! Today in this blog i will talk about what is shopify?, themes, website, pricing, earnings, dropshipping you must have heard about it many times. Shopify is like an online shopping website. Here i can create our own store, or sell our products on Shopify. helps you to develop your business. There are still some people in India who used to give their goods offline only.

what is shopify?


Shopify is an ecommerce platform where you can create your own online store. You can do business here in two ways, one is by selling your products and secondly you can earn money by selling someone else’s products. Doing business in this way is called Dropshipping Business. In this article, i will give you complete information about it too.

Shopify does not require upgrading from any software or web server. Because it is completely Cloud Based Hosted. To use it, you just need an internet connection and then you can control your business sitting at home.

You can use it (free trial) for 14 days initially – for this you do not need any credit card or any separate card.

Shopify free trial link: Get Shopify

If you want to continue after Shopify Free Trial, then you have to pay $ 29 per month. To continue your online ecommerce store.

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What is Shopify.Com?

Shopify is a website where you can open your online store and earn money by selling other’s products through this website. It is called dropshipping business in other language.

I will tell you below about how you can earn money from dropshipping business. Before that i tell you how you can earn money through dropshipping by creating your account on Shopify website.

How to Create an Account Shopify Store in 2023?

To create your account on Shopify.com, first you go to the website of shopify.com. After this the Shopify Registration Page will open in front of you.

Then you enter your email in it and click on the Get Started button. After this another page will open in front of you. After that you have to fill the below mentioned information in it

The Email Id you have entered in the first column is already showing.

In the second column, you enter a password that no one can remember quickly and only you can remember that password.

In the third column, you have to enter the name of your store. Keep in mind that you enter the name with which you want to open your store. Name your store something unique that will attract it.

After doing all this process, at last now you click on Create My Store button.

You will be asked 4 questions in it. You can answer it as per your wish. After answering you click on the Next button.

After this a new page will open in front of you in which you have to fill all your information.

Name: Here you enter your name which is in your Aadhar Card.

Address Here you enter your address where you currently live.

After this, you enter the name of your district, the pin code of your district, which country you live in, which state you live in, your mobile number and if you have a website, then add it. After doing all this, at last click on Enter My Button.

Congratulations, after doing all this process, now your Online Shopping Store has been created. Now on this store you have to make many changes like changing theme, adding your product, adding domain etc.

shopify pricing

Shopify is a subscription based best program, in which i have to pay some money every month.

  1. Basic Shopify plan: – For this you have to pay $ 29 every month, inside it you have to pay 2% Transaction Fees, and 2% have to be paid separately when the order comes, in this i can add 2 Staff Member. Also in this plan I can manage it from 4 location.

2. Shopify plan: – For this, you have to pay $ 79 every month, within this you have to pay 1% Transaction Fees, and 1% have to be paid separately when the order arrives. And i can add 5 Staff Member to it. I can manage it from 5 locations

3. Advanced Shopify plan

shopify pricing
shopify pricing

shopify earnings

On Shopify, i can sell anything by creating a store, which i do normal sales like: – Eyeglasses, Bags, Home & kitchen Products.

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