Clear Cache Programmatically in wordpress

Question : How to programatically clear cache in WordPress?, How to clear cache without a plugin?Yes you can simply delete the files.also you can Try the function wp_cache_flush() which clears and delete all cached data.

WP_Object_Cache is WordPress class for some caching user lots of the data which may be computationally costly to reinstate, such as the solution of very complex MySQL database queries.

Also you can Learn for PHP Laravel Clear cache, config, view and Routes.

How to clear the cache in WordPress?

In WordPress does not have any types of the built-in caching system or not any functions. anyway, many users use a free download WP caching External third party plugin to help improve High Speed performance.

When Website caching is enabled, some types of changes or updatations (such as theme modifications) do not appear directly. This Snippet learn how to clear or delete the cache so you can be specific you are layout viewing the most latest plugin version of your Web site.

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wordpress clear cache programmatically

Clear Cache Programmatically in wordpress

Here’s a find for you great free and premium short list of the top 7 WordPress caching or delete plugins for you to instantly all the browse through.

  1. WP Rocket  (premium)
  2. Cache Enabler  (free)
  3. Comet Cache  (free + premium)
  4. W3 Total Cache  (free)
  5. WP Super Cache  (free)
  6. WP Fastest Cache  (free + premium)
  7. Hyper Cache  (free)

For all the data clearing cache of individual web pages, CSM or any type of the web sites, or CSS, JS entire cache – when requiring to refresh or new latest data content – We use simple Servser side cronjobs. There are the list of the Bellow Commands like these will execute/run do the job:

Clear/delete entire cache

rm -rf /full/domain-path/foldername/wp-content/cache/supercache >/dev/null 2>&1

Clear or delete cache of one Web site

rm -rf /full/domain-path/foldername/wp-content/cache/supercache/ >/dev/null 2>&1

Clear with delete cache single Website page

rm -rf /full/domain-path/foldername/wp-content/cache/supercache/ >/dev/null 2>&1

Imp NOTE: 100% Make confirm to use the WordPress Installation full path Added >/dev/null 2>&1 at end of command to stop feedback from cron

How to clear cache without a plugin?

custom_script_1.8.css // It is the web site URL for release 1.6
custom_script_1.9.css // It is the web site URL for release 1.9
custom_script_1.6.css // etc.

Or alternatively do it after the base script file name:

custom_script.css?v=2.0 // It is the web site URL for release 2.0
custom_script.css?v=2.2 // It is the web site URL for release 2.2
custom_script.css?v=2.3 // etc.

W3 Total Cache is a Most popular caching plugin for WordPress CMS or Any Other Website.

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