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DBA Company Details like – Profile, Products, Business Plan. In this article today we are going to talk about an Indian Direct Selling Company, whose name is Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Private Limited, which we also know as DBA Company or Asort.

Friends, today I want to tell those people who are doing or willing to do network marketing or those who want to know about network marketing, it will be a very good topic for all of them, so without delay, let’s go to one of the best companies. to a company.

DBA Company Profile

dba company
dba company
Name (dba company) Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Private Limited
CIN U51909PB2011PTC035491
Directors Roshan Singh Bisht, Nathasa
Address Plot No. 585, Sector-82, JLPL Industrial Area, S.A.S Nagar, Mohali, 160055, India
Website asort.com
Email [email protected]

Friends A Direct Selling Company D.B.A (DDYANAMIC BENIFICIAL ACCORD MARKET PVT LTD) was started on 11/11/11 inside MOHALI, CHANDIGARH.

On seeing this, the company very quickly covered the entire market and is growing very well even in today’s time. Another company was in the market but D.B.A was making a different identity in the market.

After a few years, it started growing more rapidly around 2016 It was. D.B.A. Speak or ASORT the same thing, only the name of the company was changed, neither work nor SYSTEM.

The company started getting its name in the good companies of direct sale like online from 2016 but today due to some bad leaders, due to bad dieters gradually the negativity started increasing due to which gradually its name got spoiled.

It is also working at the national level even in today’s time and will probably do direct selling in international very soon.

Knowing from many poor and MIDEL CLASS FAMILY, very young people have made very good money and status, which was never possible for anyone, that people have shown by doing ASORT. Today D.B.A has come in 181st position.

It has given employment to lakhs of people and made their dreams come true.

How Does a DBA Company Work?

A DBA (Doing Business As) company, also known as a sole proprietorship, is a type of business entity in which an individual operates a business under a fictitious name. The DBA company is not a separate legal entity from the individual, but rather an extension of their personal name.

Here are the general steps to start and operate a DBA company:

  1. Choose a business name: The first step in starting a DBA company is to choose a business name that is not already in use. This name should be unique, catchy, and easy to remember.
  2. Register the business: After choosing a name, the individual must register the DBA company with the appropriate state and local government agencies. This typically involves filing paperwork and paying a fee.
  3. Obtain necessary licenses and permits: Depending on the type of business being operated, the individual may need to obtain specific licenses and permits to legally operate the business. This may include a business license, tax ID number, and any necessary industry-specific licenses.
  4. Open a business bank account: It is important to keep personal and business finances separate, so opening a business bank account is crucial.
  5. Keep accurate records: As with any business, keeping accurate records of all financial transactions is essential for tax purposes and overall business management.
  6. Advertise and promote the business: Once the DBA company is up and running, advertising and promoting the business is important to attract customers and generate revenue.

Overall, operating a DBA company involves the same basic principles as any other type of business, but with the added step of registering the business under a fictitious name. It is important for the individual to understand the legal and financial responsibilities involved in operating a business and to take the necessary steps to comply with all regulations and requirements.

DBA Income Plan

The old income plan of DBA used to have a rank system, in which buying a product worth Rs 8000 would get 20 rank and buying a product of Rs 37,000 would get 29 rank. But now its plan has changed.

DBA company now provides five types of income, which are named as follows.

  1. Generation Profit Of ABO
  2. Generation Profit Of ACE
  3. Generation Profit of Influencer
  4. Group Profit
  5. Saving On Consumption Income

D.B.A means birth of ASORT in India

dba company profile
dba company profile

Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Private Limited

The name of the person who opened the DBA company is Roshan Singh Bisht. He was born in Garhwal of Pauri district. His father used to work as a safe in HONG KONG and his mother was engaged in farming at home.

Belonging to the lower middle class, he has done his studies up to 10th with impunity. Due to the poor condition of the house regarding the profession, he went to hong kong with his father after 10th studies.

First he worked as a waiter, then after a few years he worked in a hotel as a safe. He also saw the living, mind set, creativity and most of the people there working in direct sales. Launched on /11/2011 under the name D.B.A inside mohali, chandigarh.

There were many problems in the beginning but there was a problem solving attitude due to this, both Roshan Singh Bist and Natasha who was his business partner started the mill with a cloths brand named ifazone and today they have many brands. Which we are going to mention next.

Today, many people consider roshan singh bist as their role model because they have made lakhpati by giving employment to thousands of people.

DBA Asort Company product Details

DBA/ASORT has the following categories of products:-

  1. Food stuff
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Homer Care
  4. Personal Care

Brand of ASORT/DBA:-

  1. ABG

What is work in DBA company?

A DBA (Database Administrator) is a professional who is responsible for the management and maintenance of databases in an organization. In a DBA company, the work of a DBA can include the following tasks:

  1. Installing and configuring database management systems: This includes installing and configuring database software, creating and managing database users, and setting up security measures to protect the data.
  2. Database design and development: This involves designing and creating the database structure, tables, and fields, as well as writing scripts to perform various database operations.
  3. Data modeling: This involves creating a conceptual representation of the data to be stored in the database, including identifying entities, relationships, and attributes.
  4. Data migration: This involves moving data from one database to another, or from a legacy system to a new database management system.
  5. Performance tuning: This involves optimizing the database performance, such as reducing query response time and increasing the storage capacity of the database.
  6. Backup and recovery: This involves creating and managing backup procedures to ensure that data can be recovered in the event of a disaster.
  7. Monitoring and troubleshooting: This involves monitoring the performance of the database, identifying and fixing any issues, and ensuring that the database is running smoothly.
  8. Security: This involves implementing security measures to protect the data in the database from unauthorized access, theft, or corruption.

These are some of the tasks that a DBA in a DBA company may be responsible for. The exact tasks will depend on the size and complexity of the organization, as well as the specific needs of the business.

How to join DBA company?

Anyone whose age is 18 years or more can apply this training, for this you must have ADHAR CARD, PAN CARD, BANK ACCOUNT, only then you can join after training.

Money is not charged for joining or joining here but the product has to be bought after joining.

DBA Salary in India: For Freshers & Experienced

Earlier in DBA, 20 ranks were given for buying products for 8000rs and 29 ranks were given by buying products from 46000rs but now this system has been changed.

Database Administrator Salary Types

DBA company provides following types of INCOME:-


Does a DBA have to add a logo?

Yes, people have to be added here but it is not necessary, here you can earn money by selling retail products also at the same rate but if you want to earn passive income and quick money then you have to add only then you earn good income in M.L.M. Here the money to add is neither taken nor given.

You get money on the sale of this product.

What is the salary of DBA in India?

Since DBA company is also a DIRECT SELLING COMPANY, then how much you can earn from here, it depends entirely on you and your team, how big is your team? And how active is it? However, for 3 to 4 years you work continuously.

If you do then you can earn a good PASSIVE INCOME from DBA and can also give opportunity to earn and learn to others who are unemployed.

Is the DBA company a fraud?

DBA / ASORT IS APPROVED COMPANY BY A GOVERNMENT That’s why it cannot be called FROUD directly. FROUD seems because some leaders of DBA do INVITE by wrongly speaking INVITE, JOB and FIX salary.

These logos make the company look FROUD, otherwise they are completely LEGAL and a great company.

Is it necessary to buy product in DBA company?

Yes, it is not necessary only about DBA, if you want to work in any DIRECT SALE company then you have to buy product and it also comes in DIRECT SALE RULES.

Should I join DBA or not?

DBA is a fully LEGAl company. If you want to join DBA or any DIRECT SALE company then you have to have good knowledge about DIRECT SALE. Looking at the products and systems, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you want to do it or not.

It completely DIPENDs you, you should look at the things mentioned above, understand and decide to do it without speaking to anyone, you will become aish and become a Vaisha. Soon you will become a millionaire.

DBA Full Form – dba company

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term DBA.

Sr. No. Term Category DBA Full Form
1 DBA Biochemistry 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic Acid
2 DBA Computing Adjusted Decibel
3 DBA Airline Air Alpha
5 DBA Funny D Back Aches
6 DBA Associations Dairy Business Association
8 DBA Airport Dalbandin Airport
9 DBA Associations Dallas Baptist Association
10 DBA Advertising Daniel Brian Advertising
11 DBA Voluntary Organization Darien Book Aid
12 DBA Information Technology Data Base Access
13 DBA Information Technology Data Base Administration
14 DBA Information Technology Data Base Administrator
15 DBA Information Technology Data Block Address
16 DBA Information Technology Database
17 DBA Computing Database Admin
18 DBA Health Database Administration
19 DBA Army DataBase Administrator
20 DBA Technology Database Analyst
21 DBA Accounting Date Book Archive
22 DBA Companies or Organizations David Burn Advertising
23 DBA Real Estate Davis Buckley Architects
24 DBA Uncategorized Days Before Arrival
25 DBA Media Center Daytime Broadcasters Association
26 DBA Gaming De Bellis Antiquitatis
27 DBA Business Decatur Business Association
28 DBA Technology Decibel
29 DBA Technology Decibels Adjust
30 DBA Educational Decibels Adjusted
31 DBA Technology Decibels A-weighted
34 DBA Oil Decibles
35 DBA Pharmaceutical Deep Brain Activity
36 DBA Legislation Defense Base Act
37 DBA Dental Dentin Bonding Agents
38 DBA Nuclear Design Basis Accident
39 DBA Technology Design Basis Accidents
40 DBA Manufacturing Design Build Agreement
41 DBA Hotel Design Business Association
42 DBA Nuclear Design-basis Accident
43 DBA Educational Destroyed By Anger
44 DBA Medical Diamond Blackfan Anemia
45 DBA Medical Diamond?Blackfan anaemia
46 DBA Medical Dibenzanthracene
47 DBA Organic Chemistry Dibenzylidene Acetone
48 DBA Medical Dibromoacetic Acid
49 DBA Rubber Dibutyl Amine
50 DBA Educational Digital Brand Architects
51 DBA Information Technology Direct Bus Access
52 DBA Information Technology Direct Bus Attachment
53 DBA Air Force Dirt-Bag Airman
54 DBA Local – Australian Disc Brakes Australia
55 DBA Uncategorized Distribution By Air
56 DBA FDA Administration Division of Blood Applications
57 DBA Funny Do Bugger All
58 DBA Local – Countries Do Business As
59 DBA Business Doctor Of Business
60 DBA Educational Doctor of Business Administration
61 DBA Business Doctorate In Business
62 DBA Business Doctorate in Business Administration
63 DBA Business Doing Business As
64 DBA Normal Business Dollar Bill Acceptor
65 DBA Funny Dollars Bubba Acquires
66 DBA Internet – Chat Don?t Be Annoying
67 DBA Normal Business Done By Automation
68 DBA Internet – Chat Don’t Bother Asking
69 DBA Uncategorized Double Barrel Ale
70 DBA Associations Downtown Boise Association
71 DBA Associations Duke Bar Association
72 DBA Internet – Chat Dumb But Assertive
73 DBA Army Dutch-Belgian Army
74 DBA Technology Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
75 DBA Networking Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment

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