Boost Your Direct Selling Business: 7 Key Injections for Success

7 injection : In the same way, when a person falls ill and is not cured by medicine, only then injection is applied on that sick person so that he gets cured quickly.

Injection in business has been seen as a way of boosting productivity and creativity. It is not a new trend and has been used for a number of years. There are a number of reasons why injection in business can be beneficial.

  1. It can help to increase motivation.
  2. It can help to improve focus.
  3. It can help to increase productivity.
  4. It can help to improve creativity.
  5. It can help to reduce stress.
  6. It can help to increase morale.
  7. It can help to increase loyalty.

7 injection in business – How to Patner Handaling in Network Marketing?

7 injection
7 injection

Similarly, in direct selling business, when the prospects become negative and even after explaining, it is not correct, then 7 injections of direct selling are applied on the prospects so that the prospects get cured and understand the direct selling business and join the company. Do it!

So let us now understand the 7 INJECTION of Direct Selling in detail –

When your prospects are running or training and are not paying attention in prospects training! Then you have to use the 7 injections mentioned above!

how to use 7 injection?

In this article, we are going to know in detail about 7 Injections used in Network Marketing Business.

Friends, if you are new in this direct selling business then there must be a question in your mind that what are 7 Injections in Direct Selling Business? How to use 7 Injections in Network Marketing Business?

Just as a doctor in a hospital uses different types of medicine to cure a patient, and the way a doctor uses injections when he is not cured of the medicine, similarly in the direct selling business, Prospect These 7 injections are applied when someone becomes negative about something.

Applying 7 Injections means using the right things at the right time to handle our partner well, this is called applying 7 Injections.

So let us know in detail, what are those 7 Injections in Network Marketing? So that we can grow our direct selling business well.7 Injection

  1. Value of Chance
  2. Build Dreams
  3. Value of System
  4. Value of Leaders
  5. Zipper Mouth
  6. Meet To Smart Seniors
  7. Back to Learning

1. Value Of Chance & Opportunity

Prospects When the first day comes in the training, on the same day the prospects have to tell their prospects how many people have not got a chance to attend that training! And also to tell the prospects that with great difficulty I have been able to give this ticket for you and your name in the training.

That is why you have to understand the whole training properly and if you do not understand, then you have to ask Sir or take note in the Diary. By telling this to your prospects, your prospects will be a little serious and will try to understand the whole training properly!

2. Value of Systems

All the systems that are told in the training have to make value of all the systems! The more you tell the value of systems to Prospects, the more will be your chances of joining the Prospects business!

3. Build Dream

People in India do not have dreams to do big things! And unless a person dreams big, no one can do big in life and neither can he get it! The biggest thing is that the mindset of the people of India has only dreams of earning 10-20 thousand! These people do not believe in themselves that they can also do something big in life. For this, first of all people have to dream big and run after them.

That’s why Prospect has to dream and make his dream big! Many people do not have any dream to do anything in life, they just spend their life, that’s why the dream of prospect has to be bigger! And support him so that he feels that he too can do something in life!

Make Prospects realize that you too can have a car, bank balance, Bagla and Prospects can also earn in lakhs! He just needs a good platform and wow platform he has now got it from this company because there are many earning in lakhs here and have changed their luck.

Just give this feeling to the prospects!

4. Zeeper Mouth

When Prospects comes to know that it is Network Marketing, then Prospects start asking you a lot of negative questions and he starts saying that this is a connecting work, a captive work, this work is not from me. I can’t do this in work, I can’t do this work!

Only then you have to give some accurate answers to the prospects, tell about the Power of Network, that to become a big man in life, how people need to make a network for example – JIO, ADANI GROUP ETC.

You also have to ask the prospects that where in the world work is done without a bandh, without a network, can a school run without a bandh, can a school run without a bandh, everyone seems to be a prisoner! No work can be done without a man!

Then the prospects themselves will be silent and will not ask you any more questions! Because the answer to his questions has now been found!

5. Value Of Leaders

To make your prospects value about the leaders of your company like – Royal Diamond, Crown Diamond etc! All the leaders have to be praised well in front of the prospects and to tell how these people changed their life and luck with this company!

6. Meet With Smart Seniors

After training your prospects have to be reconciled with your seniors! Your prospects will become hyper by mixing the prospects with the seniors! And the chances of joining the Prospects business will be more!

7. Come To Office & Learn From Books, Youtube etc.

Now after joining the prospects, have to call the office regularly and keep guiding regularly! Don’t forget to attend all the meetings and classes too! Otherwise the new bridges will become negative very soon! Do tell the new bridges about the knowledge that why it is important to learn! And to be successful one has to learn, put this in their mind!

7 injection

In direct selling businesses, the term “injection” typically refers to the infusion of capital, resources, or effort into the business to drive growth and expansion. Here are seven potential areas where injecting resources or efforts can benefit a direct selling business:

  1. Product Development: Investing in the research, development, and enhancement of products can improve their quality, appeal, and market competitiveness. This injection can involve creating new products, improving existing ones, or diversifying product lines to meet evolving customer needs and preferences.
  2. Marketing and Advertising: Allocating funds towards marketing and advertising initiatives can increase brand visibility, attract new customers, and drive sales. This injection can include digital marketing campaigns, social media advertising, influencer partnerships, and traditional advertising channels.
  3. Training and Education: Providing comprehensive training and education programs for sales representatives can enhance their skills, product knowledge, and sales techniques. This injection can involve developing training materials, conducting workshops, seminars, and providing ongoing support to empower representatives to succeed.
  4. Technology Infrastructure: Investing in technology infrastructure, such as e-commerce platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and mobile applications, can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. This injection can enable easier ordering processes, real-time tracking, and personalized interactions with customers.
  5. Expansion into New Markets: Allocating resources towards expanding into new geographic regions or demographic segments can broaden the business’s reach and customer base. This injection can involve market research, establishing distribution networks, and adapting marketing strategies to resonate with local preferences and cultures.
  6. Incentive Programs: Implementing incentive programs for sales representatives can motivate them to achieve higher sales targets, attract new recruits, and foster loyalty. This injection can include bonuses, rewards, recognition, and advancement opportunities to incentivize performance and retention.
  7. Compliance and Regulatory Measures: Investing in compliance measures and adhering to regulatory requirements can protect the business from legal risks and uphold its reputation. This injection can involve ensuring compliance with industry regulations, consumer protection laws, and ethical business practices to maintain trust and credibility with stakeholders.

By strategically injecting resources, effort, and attention into these areas, a direct selling business can position itself for sustainable growth, competitive advantage, and long-term success in the market.

Tell Bridges that you can learn from Books, Seniors and Youtube!

Friends, if you understand the above mentioned 7 injections properly and use them properly on prospects, then your business will run very well and rejection will also be very much!


In conclusion, injecting the seven key elements into direct selling businesses can significantly improve prospects’ understanding and engagement with the opportunity. By emphasizing the value of chance, systems, dreams, leadership, networking, continuous learning, and leveraging resources effectively, businesses can overcome objections and foster a positive environment for growth.

Additionally, investing resources into product development, marketing, training, technology, expansion, incentives, and compliance can further strengthen the business’s foundation and ensure sustainable success in the dynamic marketplace. Overall, by integrating these strategies and maintaining a focus on providing value to both prospects and representatives, direct selling businesses can thrive and achieve their goals effectively.

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