Top 10 difference between CUI and GUI – [Best Answer]

difference between cui and gui – CUI: CUI stands for Character User Interface. & GUI: GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. CUI is precursor of GUI and was used in most primitive computers. GUI Navigation is Easier and CUI Difficult. GUI Speed is LOW and CUI Speed is HIGH. GUI Flexibility is MORE Flexible & CUI Flexibility is LESS Flexible.

What is GUI and Difference between CUI and GUI?

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difference between cui and gui – What is the difference between GUI and CUI?

What is GUI?

The full name of GUI is Graphical User Interface. It is a system of interactive visual components for computer software.

It is a type of user interface that allows a user to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and audio indicators.

With the help of this, a user does not need a text based interface to interface with an electronic device, rather the user can interact with the device only through text navigation or command labels. It started in the 1970s.

Objects are visible in the Graphical User Interface which contain information and represent any action taken by the user. When the user interfaces with these objects, there is a change in their color, size or visibility.

The objects of the graphical user interface include icons, cursors and buttons. These graphical elements sometimes enhance the sound or any visual effect. The graphical user interface is user friendly as compared to the text based command line interface.

You get to see this interface in Operating Systems like Windows, Mac etc., with the help of which you can click on any icon with the help of Cursor and run it.

Nowadays you get to see this feature even in smartphones, with the help of which you can open it by clicking on any icon.

History of Graphical User Interface (GUI)

It started in 1979 when Xerox Palo Alto Research developed the first prototype. When Steve Jobs was in a detailed tour for trading in Xerox, then Steve Jobs was shown to Alto by Xerox that supported GUI and Three Button Mouse.

Later, Lisa was developed by Apple engineers, which was the first computer to support the GUI and was available in the public, but due to being very expensive, no one bought it. Later, Sun launched the Macintosh in Apple, which was very famous.

After this, in 1985, GUI based computers were also developed by Microsoft.

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How does GUI works?

We just learned that it uses icons, cursor and buttons with the help of which it carries out our commands (like deleting, moving and more).

Usually we use mouse for GUI navigation, but there are many such shortcuts in keyboard also with the help of which we can do many things quickly and easily.

Types of GUI

It is of two types:-

  1. :- Analog Recording
  2. :- Object based recording

Features of Graphical User Interface

  1. It is very easy for beginners to use.
  2. Provides a very easy platform for any user to share information between software.
  3. It provides customizable test reports.
  4. By virtue of being a user, it allows you to test functionality.
  5. It provides reliable object identification.

difference between cui and gui

Property GUI CUI
Interaction Icons, cursor and buttons Using commands
Navigation Easy Difficult
Peripherals used Keyboard and mouse Keyboard
Precision Low High
Speed Low High
Ease of operation Easy Difficult
Memory required High Low
Appearance Customizable Can’t be changed
Flexibility More flexible Less flexible

Advantages of GUI

  1. The GUI is easy to use, especially for beginners.
  2. In this you get Drag and Drop feature which makes our work very easy.
  3. It is user friendly, in this you can navigate without any more information.
  4. You do not have to use any kind of complicated commands to use it.
  5. With its help, you can easily use any file from one software to another.

Disadvantages of GUI

  1. It uses more amount of hard disk than other interfaces.
  2. You need more memory to run it than other interfaces.
  3. More processing power is required to use it.
  4. It is difficult to develop and its cost is very high.
  5. It is slow compared to some interfaces.
  6. More time is needed to develop and design such an interface.

what is gui and cui?

GUI and CUI are two different types of user interfaces:

  1. GUI (Graphical User Interface):
    • A GUI is a type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices using graphical icons and visual indicators, such as windows, buttons, menus, and images.
    • GUIs make it easier for users to interact with complex systems by providing visual representations of data and controls that can be manipulated using a mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen.
    • Examples of GUI-based operating systems include Windows, macOS, and various Linux distributions. GUIs are also commonly used in applications such as web browsers, word processors, and multimedia players.
  2. CUI (Character User Interface):
    • A CUI is a type of user interface that relies primarily on text-based input and output. Users interact with the system by typing commands and receiving textual responses.
    • CUIs are typically used in command-line interfaces (CLIs), where users enter commands at a prompt and the system executes them accordingly.
    • CUIs are often favored by experienced users and system administrators for their efficiency and flexibility, as they provide direct access to system functions without the need for graphical elements.
    • Examples of CUI-based operating systems include Unix, Linux (when used in text mode), and MS-DOS. Command-line interfaces are also commonly used in programming environments and network administration tools.

In summary, GUIs rely on graphical elements for user interaction, while CUIs rely on text-based commands and responses. Both types of interfaces have their advantages and are suited to different use cases and user preferences.

Conclusion – difference between cui and gui

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