What are Dofollow Backlinks? (Types of Dofollow Backlinks In SEO)

What are Dofollow Backlinks and their benefits in SEO? – Dofollow Backlinks – Friends, in the previous post, I explained to you in detail about Nofollow Backlinks, what are Nofollow backlinks and why they are more important for Seo. You can read that post from here – What is nofollow backlinks and why it is important for SEO?

In the earlier post, I also told you two main types of backlinks, which are Nofollow Backlinks and Dofollow Backlinks. Both types of backlinks have their own separate place and contribution for Seo. Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks both are different and their usefulness is also different in seo.

Today’s post of mine is on Dofollow Backlinks that what are Do Follow backlinks, what is their contribution in Seo and what are the advantages (advantages) of Dofollow Backlinks in the website. But before understanding Dofollow Backlinks, you have to understand in detail about Backlinks, which you can understand well by reading this post of mine –

So, now after understanding about Backlinks and Nofollow backlinks, we also know about Dofollow Backlinks, what are they and what are their benefits in Seo.

What is DoFollow Backlinks and what are their contribution and benefits in Seo?

Dofollow Backlinks are those links which allow other websites and search engine bots to follow your website. There is no nofollow tag in such links and anyone can follow your website. You can also call Dofollow links as High quality backlinks which you have to create from a website with a High PR. These links are very important for your website.

Dofollow Backlinks are those links which increase the Seo rank and Traffic rank of our website. Dofollow Backlinks was identified by Google in 2005. Google released these links so that the search engine does not get any spam and users can get better results.

I told you about Link juice in the previous post. It’s almost the same. These are the Backlinks that follow the other page, that is, it contains Link Juice. With the help of this, that other page also gets rank, that is, if any other website gives you Dofollow Backlink, then your search rank will definitely increase.

Although it is a bit difficult to create dofollow backlinks from websites with high PR, it helps a lot in ranking your website and webpage. 1 High PR Dofollow Link is equal to one thousand Low Quality backlinks.

Dofollow Backlinks allows all search engines to index the link and helps in passing link juice to the linked pages. For better seo results, you can use keywords in dofollw links, which you can also understand as anchor text.

Nofollow links have a bit of code (the nofollow tag) that tells search engines not to crawl them or count them as quality votes. Sometimes you can’t commit to all the links on your website, especially if they are user submitted or advertising links. But unless a website setting changes the code you’ve added in the dofollw tag, you don’t need to do anything when creating a new link to make it a dofollow link.

A Dofollow Link is something like this (Dofollow Backlinks Example) –

Guest Posting Sites


Example 1

You can see above that we have used an HTML


tag with a URL. We didn’t use any other attributes of the


tag. But if you want Google search not to follow your website link, then you can use HTML


tag with ‘rel = nofollow’ tag. In that case it will become a nofollow link.

So friends, now you must have understood what Dofollow Backlinks are. These backlinks are very important for SEO and Google gives them a lot of importance, that is, DoFollow Backlinks hold a very important place for SEO and help in ranking your website and its posts. You cannot ignore them and you should give importance to them. Now let me also tell you some benefits of your Dofollow backlinks. So let’s know –

Some advantages of DoFollow Backlinks –

Dofollow Backlinks Promote Faster Crawling and Indexing –

This means that if your website has more and better Dofollow Backlinks, then Google search engine will crawl and index your website and its pages (posts) quickly. With this, your site starts coming quickly in google search and posts also start appearing in search immediately. Due to dofollow backlinks from high quality sites, search spiders reach your page quickly. This simply means that with dofollow links, you start getting traffic quickly and well from direct Google.

Long Term SEO Benefits –

Dofollow backlinks are very beneficial for Long Term Seo. If you have more dofollow links on your website, then Google algorithm updates do not have much effect on your website’s seo and your website’s traffic remains. Dofollow links are important in keeping your website in Google ranking for a long time. These links give you clear Seo Benefits.

Get Lot of Comments –

If you have more and good quality dofollow backlinks, then you will get more comments on your blog and people will take dofollow link from your blog. This will increase the ranking and traffic of your website. More backlinks automatically start getting towards you.

Increase Metrics –

Dofollow backlinks help in increasing DA, PA, Moz Rank etc. of your website or domain. Nofollow links are very beneficial in increasing Google page rank. Dofollo links also help a lot in improving Alexa rank.

So friends, these were some of the main advantages of dofollow backlinks. Now let’s talk about where you should use dofollow backlinks or on which website you should use dofollow backlinks and generate dofollow backlinks.

Where should Dofollow Links be used?

You should use Dofollow links only on such websites –

  1. You should use dofollow links on high quality websites or websites with good DA, PA and good Moz Rank.
    If you are linking to a high-quality website.
  2. If you have copied someone’s original work as a reference, then you should use dofollow links on such websites.
  3. If you are doing guest post on any website then you should use dofollow link there too.

So friends, this was my today’s post on Dofollow Backlinks. According to me, Dofollow backlinks are as important as Nofollow backlinks and you cannot ignore them. Along with Nofollow links, you should also pay more attention to Dofollow links because these are very important for improving SEO and your website.

Some people do not give much importance to Dofollow tag and do not consider them good for seo and website ranking, but it is not so.

I consider Dofollow backlinks more important than Nofollw links and beneficial for website and seo. You should also pay more attention to them.

How did you like this post of mine and what do you think about Dofollow backlinks, do tell me. Also, if you have any question related to this, then do comment on me in the comment box below and also share this post with your friends.

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