150+ Double meaning questions and answers

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Double Meaning Questions

We are telling you more than 150 double meaning nonveg Questions or best double meaning questions, all these Questions may seem a bit strange to you in the beginning, but as soon as you see about its Answer, you will not even believe that their Answers can be like this.

Question – What does every wife give to her husband in honeymoon?

Answer – A glass of hot milk

Question – What is that thing which has hair all around and there is like a gap in the middle, in which first man puts, then woman always puts herself?

Answer – Vermilion in demand

Question – What is that thing that girls lick the whole life of boys?

Answer – brain

Question – What is the thing that when the girl screams while doing, the boy keeps her silent?

Answer – Quarrel

Question – What is that thing that girls get scared after seeing and later do not let them inside but have to put forcefully later

Answer – Bali

Question – What is a girl who does not do it before 18 years?

Answer – Voting

Question – What is the thing that while hitting a person’s heartbeat stops for 1 millisecond?

Answer – Chick

Question – What is the thing that most girls like if they are tall and fat?

Answer – hair

Question – What is the thing that children get out of doing?

Answer – School holiday

Question – What is that thing which a boy can see of his sister, can see of wife but cannot see of mother?

Answer – Marriage

Question – Which girl’s thing is always wet?

Answer – Tongue or Mouth

Question – Three girls were eating ice cream, one of them was licking ice cream, one girl was sucking and one girl was eating bites, tell which one of them is married?

Answer – Whose demand will have vermilion

Question – What is that thing that a girl cannot do till she is a virgin?

Answer – Cannot apply vermilion, can not wear mangalsutra and cannot divorce

Question – Tell me that thing which is small for boys and big for girls?

Answer – hair

Question – What is that thing that a girl licks her husband after marriage?

Answer – brain

Question – What is that thing that increases after the marriage of girls?

Answer – Demand

Question – Which is the place where boys and girls have curly hair?

North Africa

Question – What is that thing that girls have but only other people use it?

Answer – Name

Question – What is that thing that stands up when mashed and puts it inside by spitting?

Answer – Sui Dhaaga

Question – What is the thing that is in front of Woman and behind Cow?

Answer – W – is in front of woman and behind cow

Question – What is it that feels good to hold and there is pain when bending the grip?

Answer – Broom

Question – If put in the night it was hard, if taken out in the day, tell me what?

Answer – Channa

Question – What is that thing that if someone is big then someone is small but after marriage every husband gives to his wife?

Answer – Heart

Question – What is that thing that the one who has it shakes by holding it and the one who does not have it shakes it by putting a finger?

Answer – Brush

Question – What happens between the two legs of every girl?

Answer – Knee

Question – Which part is there in the body of boys which is large and small according to the need?

Answer – Retina found in the eyes

Question – Tell me that thing of a boy which does not have bones but girl loves him very much?

Answer – Heart

Question – Tell the part of the body in which water comes when finger is inserted?

Answer – Eye

Question – When does the girl take off all her clothes?

Answer – When clothes get dry

Question – When a girl or woman bows before a person, what does the person see of that girl or woman?

Answer – Sanskar

Question – It was a dark night and she was with me I was over her and she was under me?

Answer – Cycle

Question – No matter how white a boy or girl is, but they have one thing black, tell me what is that?

Answer – Shadow

Question – What is the thing that the boy gets tired of doing and the girl says to do more?

Answer – Shopping

Question – What is that thing that both the girl and the boy have, but the boy walks around hiding and the girl walks by showing it?

Answer – Purse

Question – What is that thing about girls that comes out very quickly?

Answer – Tears of girls eyes

Question – What is that thing which can be easily instilled in girls?

Answer – Doubt – That is, doubt can be cast in girls very quickly.

Question – What is that thing that the more you clean, the more black it becomes?

Answer – Black Board

Question – Which is the busiest part of any human being?

Answer – Heart and brain these two organs never rest even for a moment.

Question – What happens when someone’s lips meet lips?

Answer – Mouth is closed

Question – What is it that the husband is younger or older, but after marriage the girl has to take it?

Answer – Surname means that after marriage, the boy’s surname is with the girl.

Question – What is the round circle hanging in front of the woman?

Answer – Locket – The girl who was asked this Question was wearing a locket

Question – Name the thing whose name comes in front of c and t comes in the last and white water comes out from it

Answer – coconut

Question – Which part of the girl’s body can be eaten?

Answer – Ladyfinger

Question – Which is the hottest part of a girl’s body?

Answer – It can be any part because the part in which blood circulation will be maximum, that part will be hot.

Question – Pick up the marker and write something on the board?

Answer – To write “something”

Question – There is a room which is dark and there is a candle and lantern in it, which one will you light first?

Answer – First of all light the match stick

Question – What is that thing that is bought to be eaten but it is not eaten?

Answer – Thali

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