Double Meaning Questions, Riddles, and Funny Queries for Playful Conversations

Double meaning questions are often asked by people to entice us and we are unable to answer or give dirty answers, so today we have brought dirty mind test questions for you, which are also called double meaning questions.

By reading which you will easily tell the answer to any question and you can also trap someone by asking it.

Here you will get three types of questions & double meaning questions and answers, double meaning quiz, dirty mind questions, click on the one you like, you will get the same question.

A double meaning question is a type of question that can be interpreted or understood in two different ways, often leading to humorous or thought-provoking responses. These questions exploit ambiguity in language or context to create multiple possible interpretations. They can be used for entertainment, to provoke thought, or to highlight the flexibility and richness of language.

double meaning question answer in 2024

double meaning question
double meaning question

Double meaning nonveg questions to ask girlfriend and boyfriend with list of the double meaning question and answer bellow.

Question:- What is such a thing that girls take inside, it is hard and very tight but becomes soft as soon as it comes out?

Answer:- Chingam

Question:-  What is the meaning of the phrase, “behind the times”?

Answer:-  The phrase “behind the times” means that someone is out of step with the current trends or events.

Question:- Three Hindu girls were eating ice cream out of which….

  • 1 girl is eating licking
  • Another girl is sucking and eating

Question:  If the third girl is eating bites, then tell which of these girls will get married?

Answer:- Whose demand will have vermilion

Question: What does the wife give to her husband during the honeymoon?

Answer: A glass of warm milk

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Question: – What is that which has hair all around and there is a gap in the middle, in which first man puts it and then woman puts it herself?

Answer:- Sindoor in demand

Question: – What is that thing that girls lick from people wholeheartedly?

Answer :- brain

Question:- What if the girl screams while doing what the boy silences her?

Answer:- quarrel

Question: – What is such a thing that girls are scared to see and do not let them put inside themselves, but the one who puts them forcefully puts them?

Answer:- Bali

Question: – What do children get out of doing?

Answer:- By taking school leave

Question: What is one thing about a girl that is always wet?

Answer:- tongue or mouth

Question:- Three girls are eating ice-cream, one girl is eating lick-licking, one girl is eating suck-suck and one girl is eating bite-sized, tell which of these girls is married?

Answer:- Whose demand will have vermilion

Question: – What is that thing that is small for boys and big for girls?

Answer:- hair

Question:- Some girls lick their husband after marriage, tell me what?

Answer :- brain

Question: What happens to girls after marriage?

Answer:- Demand

Question: – Which is the place where the hair of man and woman is curly?

Answer:- Africa

Question: – What is such a thing that girls have but someone else uses it?

Answer:- Name

Question: – What is such a thing which is raised by muscle and spit is inserted?

Answer:- needle thread

Question: – When I hit hard, there was a sound of screaming when I entered?

Answer:- While playing cricket when hitting six

Question: – What is it that happens in front of the woman and behind the cow?

Answer:- W – behind the cow is in front of the woman

Question: – What is it that works by holding it in the hand and on bending it causes back pain?

Answer:- Broom

Question: – If put in the night it was hard, if taken out during the day, tell me what is soft?

Answer:- Channa

Question: – Somebody’s elder is somebody’s younger, each husband gives his wife after marriage?

Answer:- Heart

Question:- The one who has o shakes the grip and the one who does not have o shakes by putting his finger?

Answer:- Brush

Question: – What happens between the two legs of girls?

Answer:- Knee

Question: – Which part of the body of boys is big and small according to the requirement?

Answer:- Retina found in the eyes

Question: – Which body part of boys does not have bones, but it is very useful while making love?

Answer:- Heart

Question: In which part of girls does water come when finger is inserted?

Answer:- Eye

Question: When does the girl take off all her clothes?

Answer:- When clothes get dry

Question: – When a woman or girl bows before a man, what does the man see of that woman or girl?

Answer:- Sanskar

Question:- It was a dark night o I was with me, oh, tell me below me, who was it?

Answer:- Cycle

Question: – Be it a white girl or a boy, their one thing is black, tell me what?

Answer:- Shadow

Question: – What is such a thing that both the boy and the girl have but the boy walks in hiding and the girl walks by showing?

Answer:- purse

Double meaning questions asked in IAS interview

Question: – What is that thing that can be easily instilled in girls?

Answer:- Doubt – the disease of doubt can be easily put in girls.

Question: Which is the most busy part of the human body?

Answer:- Heart and brain – these two organs never rest

Question: What happens when lips meet lips?

Answer: – Mouth is closed – you see both your lips together

Question: – Whether the husband is small or big, the wife has to take it after marriage?

Answer:- Surname – After marriage, every girl has to put her husband’s surname after her name.

This question was asked to a girl while taking the interview.

Question:- Name the spherical thing which has a bunch of hair around it and its name starts from c and ends at t, which is also filled with white water?

Answer:- coconut

Question: Which part of the girl’s body is the hottest?

Answer:- It can be any part – The garden in which the blood circulation is maximum, that part will be the hottest.

Question: If it is dark in a room where there is a candle and a lantern, what will you light first?

Answer:- First of all we will light the match stick.

Double meaning questions fill in the blank

Question:- ……………. is front in women and backward in cow

Answer:- W

Question: – When half of the girl goes to …………….. she screams and becomes happy when she goes full

Answer:- Bracelet

Question:- After getting married, girls lick their husband’s …………………

Answer :- brain

Question: – In the morning the boy shakes by holding …………….

Answer:- Brush

Question:- Girls have hair around ……….. and there is a crack in the middle.

Answer:- Demand

Question:- Boy gets tired of ……………. but girl says I have to do more

Answer :- Shopping

double meaning questions in english

Question – What is the girl’s thing that is always wet?
Ans – mouth

question: wo kya chiz hai jo ladki ji bhar ke chatti hai?
answer: brain

double meaning questions to ask a girl english

Question – What does a dog do that a man steps into?
Ans – Pants.

Innocently Naughty Riddles

Question – apka kiss me interest hai?

  • Ans – 1st :apka kis topic me interest hai. jais ki apko kya pasand hai. song sunna, bahar gumna etc.
  • 2nd: iska matlab hai ki apko kiss( chumna) me interst hai. app kya muje kiss karogi? ?

double meaning questions to ask a boy

question: kya karne se bachhe nikalte hai?

answer: school ki chhuti krne se bachhe nikalte hai. ?

double meaning questions in english to ask a boy

question – ladki apne sare kapde kab utarti hai?
answer: jab khuti ke sare kapde sukh jate hai.

double meaning questions to ask a girl

question – How do you find a blind man in a nudist colony?
answer: It’s not hard

double meaning questions in english to ask a girl

Ques – What’s most useful when it’s long and hard?
answer: An education

double meaning questions to ask girlfriend in english

Ques – Which free thing boys never take?
answer: stayfree

double meaning questions for girlfriend in english

Ques – How do you make five pounds of fat look good?
answer: Put a nipple on it

double meaning flirty questions in english

Ques – What are the round goals in front of girls which look very nice?
answer: His Cheeks

double meaning question and answer in english

Ques – Name a word that starts with ‘f’ and ends with ‘u-c-k’?
answer: Firetruck!

double meaning tricky questions

Ques – What do girls like to take from the front?
answer: Selfie

double meaning questions for friends

Ques – Which thing increases in boys after marriage?
answer: Demand (Khwase)

best double meaning questions to ask a girl in english

Ques – Who’s the most popular girl at the nudist colony?
answer: The one who can eat the last donut!

double meaning jokes with answer

Ques – What is that thing that man walks by hiding and woman walks by showing?
answer: purse

riddle double meaning

Ques – Which eagle cannot fly?
answer: Cheater, Laundiyabaaz

double meaning bio for instagram

Ques – Who puts 6 – 7 inch weapon in our mouth?
answer: Dentist (Nahi Improve Nahi Nahi)

double meaning kannada movies list

Ques – What happens when happens is met?
answer: Mouth is closed

double meaning fill in the blanks

Ques – Which such thing of girls always stays wet.
answer: Tongue.

double meaning funny question

Ques – Which part of the woman do we eat?
answer: Lady Finger

double meaning test

Ques – What’s white, sticky, and better to spit than to swallow?
answer: Toothpaste

double meaning games for whatsapp

Ques – What’s long and hard and has cum in it?
answer: A cucumber

double minded question

Question : jab hoth se hoth milte hai toh kay hota hai?

answer : muh band ho jata hai.

two meaning questions

Question: ladki ko kon sa part hamesha gila rehta hai?

answer: juban (jib)

Double Meaning Captions For Instagram

  • Fri-nally.
  • Good girls are bad girls.
  • I just be chillin
  • It is what it is.
  • No Fake SHit.
  • Self love isn’t selfish, it is important.
  • The more weird you are, the more fun you are.
  • What else?
  • You are cold and I burn. I guess I will never learn.
  • Your loss babe.
  • hated by plenty. loved by many.


In conclusion, double meaning questions, riddles, and funny questions can be entertaining and thought-provoking. They play with language and ambiguity to create humorous or intriguing scenarios. Whether used for fun or as a test of wit, these questions offer a unique way to engage with language and challenge our perceptions. Whether you’re looking to entertain friends or simply want to test your own cleverness, double meaning questions provide an enjoyable way to do so.

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