Event Blogging Tutorial Tools, Tips, SEO

Event Blogging Tutorial Tools, Tips, SEO

Today, We want to share with you Event Blogging Tutorial Tools, Tips, SEO.
In this post we will show you step By step Full Event Blogging Tutorial, hear for event blogging, event blogging secrets, we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about event blogging tips, Event Blogging Techniques with an example.

Event Blogging Tutorial Tools, Tips, SEO
Event Blogging Tutorial Tools, Tips, SEO

how to Start Event Blogging

Earn Money using Event Blogging without Google Ranking your Website

first of all Finding an Event

Best Platform to Create Event Blog

  1. Blogger Platform
  2. Custom Domain
  3. get Blog Traffic
  4. Mobile Responsive Design
  5. Search Ranking
  6. On-page/off-page SEO

There are 2 types of the SEO On-Page SEO Techniques and
Off-Page SEO Techniques

Event Blogging Script

Most Important Earn Money Tips to Rank your blog on Event Blogging

  1. Yahoo Answer
  2. Web page Submission
  3. Social BookMarking
  4. Sitewide Links
  5. Responsive blogs
  6. High PR blogs
  7. Guest Blogging
  8. Forum Backlinks
  9. Directory Submission
  10. Commenting on blogs
  11. Auto approved blogs

Event Blogging Earning

Event Blogging Ideas List, Here are few new event blogging Good ideas for We so that We can start your simple work.

Australian Open,Boston Marathon,Chinese New Year,Christmas,Cricket,Cricket World Cup,Diwali,EID,El Clasico,Elections,Euro Basket,Exam Results,FIFA World Cup,Football,French Open,Friendship Day,Grammy Awards,Halloween,Holi,IPL (Indian Premier League),Mothers Day,Movie Releases,Movie Reviews,Movie Songs,Movie Trailers,New Year,Olympics,Oscars,Super Bowl Finals,Valentine’s Day,Video Game Release,WWE Wrestle mania,Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Event Blogging Earning proof

How Do Blogs using Event Blogging Make Money?

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Selling products
  4. products services

Name : Yaro Starak

Income : $20,000 to $50,000 a month

Niche : Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Internet Marketing

Blog : yarodev.wpengine.com

Event Blogging Case study

Description of Event Blogging Case Study

  • Keyword research (Useful Tools)
  • Backlink Generation (Guest Post)
  • Geographic Targeting (Find and R & D)
  • Monetization Facts (Google)

How it works

Keyword research, Backlink Generation, Geographic Targeting, Monetization facts, Domain Parameters

Keywords Categories:

Supportive Keywords, Main/Primary Keywords, Related Keywords, Secondary Keywords

Event Blogging Secrets

  • Team Work earns more Earning
  • Do the structure planning main part
  • Buy/Purchase a Domain
  • Thems Setup a Blog with SEO
  • Uniq Design Optimization
  • Internal or External Link Building
  • get Good Traffic and Ranking
  • Making Money
  • Work Hard with strugles and Don’t Give Up

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Event Blogging Secrets

Event Blogging Tips

How to write a Best post-event blog

There are the Following the Lost of 5 tips for writing a Best way blog post/article for your event blogging

  • 1. Set aside time(about before 2 months) the next day
  • 2. Be brief(Full Details)
  • 3. Showcase your (uniq and Eye caching Images)photos and video
  • 4. Don’t forget your (ex.. Great Person)sponsors
  • 5. Sell the experience

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Event Blogging Tips

Tips of Event Blogging

  • Word count 1200-1500
  • Use Focus Keyword and research Long Tail Keyword
  • Don’t any over-stuff Data content with use Keywords
  • Include Focus or Primary keyword in HTML Header, main Headings, H2, H3 Sub-headings, first and put on last Paragraphs
  • Keyword yoast SEO Plugin check density up-to high Level 4%
  • Insert appropriate images with alt tags use keywords

Event Blogging Techniques

Step 1. Find an Awesome good Event below list:

Most Search Keywords According to Live Events:

  • Barclays Premier League
  • Big bash League
  • Christmas Eve Wishes
  • Diwali Wishes
  • Easter Wishes
  • FIFA WorldCup
  • Fixture
  • IPL score
  • Oscars
  • Rank Table
  • Valentine Week

Step 2. Purchase/bye new Events related a Domain Name:

Step 3. Make a Complete seo related uniq content Blog:

Step 4. Keyword Researching Below Example

keywords at right place

  • keywords put in blogs posts images alt tag.
  • keywords add in Meta Description.
  • Keywords insert in Title of the Blog post.
  • Keywords move in H1, H2, H3 tags.

Step 5. Search Engine Optimization(submit your site, Google, yahoo, bing)

Step 6. Make High quality Backlink(Guest Post)

Step 7. Monetization Methods Like as a Google or any Alternatives.

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Event Blogging Techniques

Read :


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