Guide: Make your terrace ready for summer

Do you want to make your terrace ready for the summer? In this article we are giving you a little guide. Do not look any further! Use this guide for either your terrace, your balcony or any other outdoor space you have available.

Furniture: Which ones to pick?

The options for outdoor seating are many, and it can be tricky to find the perfect model for the terrace or for the balcony. What do you need to consider?

First and foremost, you have to think of the space. If you have a small balcony, you need smaller chairs. Yet it is important not to compromise on the comfort of the outdoor chairs! We all know how much an uncomfortable chair can ruin a good time – and surely you will want to spend less time on the balcony, if the chairs are not comfortable enough.

Opposite, if you have a large balcony or maybe a large terrace, you are able to pick bigger chairs. Keep in mind that bigger chairs do not automatically mean better comfort! It is always a good idea to try out the chairs before purchasing them. Another idea for a larger tarrance is to purchase sun chairs. These will without a doubt be popular amongst your friends!

Plants: Bring in nature

Many tend to deprioritize plants on balconies or on terraces. It is a misunderstanding that plants take up a lot of time and are hard to maintain. It solely depends on what plants you decide to get. It is not necessary to pick the largest plant, as that will require more maintenance than a smaller plant. Pick smaller plants and give them some height by placing them on beautiful table bar stools or similar. Be creative and give your balcony or your terrace a personal touch with a creative idea like this!

Plants certainly give some life and nature to a balcony or a terrace. At the moment, biodiversity is also a popular topic. Maybe you should consider having a pot just for some wild flowers? Like that, you might even be able to attract some bumblebees, butterflies or other beautiful insects to your outdoor area.

Is your balcony or terrace covered against the rain? If not, it is important to consider which plants are able to survive a lot of rain at once. This you can ask about at the plant center! Opposite, if your balcony or terrace is covered, you must remember to water the plants once in a while – otherwise the plants will not last long during the warm summer period.

A cosy atmosphere is key

Lastly, we will point out how important a cosy atmosphere is. One way to make a balcony or a terrace cosy is with fairy lights. You can get fairy lights in all sorts of colors and shapes. There is without a doubt also a set of fairy lights that will fit your preferences.

Candles are also a hit! You can even purchase candles that scare off the mosquitoes. You will get a mosquito free outdoor area and at the same time, you will get the cosy light from the candles. What is not to like?

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